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Three Coil MADNESS - Vandy Vape Triple V2 RTA's review
So far, I have reviewed every product that Vandy Vape has ever made. With every atomizer I have ever received, they have always included more than one drip tip. I think that is absolutely awesome of them. Of course, the Triple RTA is no different. Today we will discuss Vandy Vape Triple V2 RTA performance. Firstly is about its appearance. When I first got this RTA I was pretty impressed with the build deck. It's postless style which is one of my personal favorites but not the easiest for new builders since you need to percuit your wire leads. Still I found it to be fun and easy to build on. One thing of note as well is the top o-ring on the class came stuck to the glass and broke when I removed it so I had to use a spare o-ring off the bat. Not a major deal but worth mentioning. I started with a 3 coil build as the intent of the RTA and man does it have a lot of air and can kick out some serious flavor and clouds. Overall was pretty impressed with this from the start. Triple V2 RTA Vandy Vape did very nice job with the top cap on this RTA. It has some really nice, deep knurling on it. It is very easy to get this top cap on and off the tank. Next, we have the juice fill port cap of the tank. It has two really big kidney bean shaped fill ports. The barrel on this mod that covers the coils is just absolutely huge. It is nice and wide and it really tapers down towards the top. The interior of it has a very conical design especially towards the top. Since it is 28 mm in diameter, it may not look good on every mod. There will definitely be some overhang when used with some of the more popular mods on the market today. Secondly is about its taste. I used it as a single, dual, and triple coil RTA. Right off the bat don't bother with single coil. You'll get muted flavor. Where this really shines is with large dual and triple coils. It has a ton of air so you need to use a lot of watts and big builds. If you are into lower watts and small builds it'll give muted flavor and isn't suited for you vape style. With that said if you are willing to vape at least 80 watts, the flavor on this is amazing, especially in triple coil mode, but even as a dual coil RTA it's no slacker. Comparable with the best dual coil RTAs on the market. I really find it best at the 100+ watt mark and close down the airflow a little. Triple V2 RTA with three coil In a word, this tank, simply put, is KILLER. Every aspect of design has been taken into consideration and executed perfectly. By the way, the e-juice I tested is chubby bubble vapes bubble razz e-liquid.

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