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Something About the Batteries in E-cigs
For the old players, the battery is a common thing, but for newcomers, these identical batteries do not seem to make a difference. Today we will talk about the batteries. What kind of battery does electronic cigarette use? The batteries used in electronic cigarettes are mostly external lithium batteries, and some electronic cigarettes have built-in lithium batteries or aircraft batteries. The external lithium batteries are mostly 18650, 18500, 18350 and 26650 four models. Most electronic cigarette devices use 18650 batteries, which is we mainly talk about today. Sony 18650 Battery Deal The 18650 battery is the originator of lithium-ion batteries and is a standard lithium-ion battery model that SONY Corporation of Japan set for cost savings in those years. The number 18 denotes a diameter of 18 mm, 65 denotes a length of 65 mm, and 0 denotes a cylindrical battery. The capacity is generally between 1200mah~3600mah. There are three common kinds of 18650 batteries, IMR batteries, ICR batteries with protective circuits, and hybrid batteries. High-quality IMR battery is the best choice. The IMR battery, also known as lithium manganese oxide (LI MN) battery, is the safest available battery for electronic cigarettes. Because of the use of safe chemical materials, IMR batteries do not require a protective circuit, and IMR batteries can withstand greater pressure and shock. cheap Avatar AVB 21700 Battery How to choose the battery used on e-cigs? Firstly reject the battery without a brand. Secondly, reject the ICR battery without protective circuits, When the ICR battery protection circuit fails, the ICR battery undergoes a violent chemical reaction when it leaks, causing it to ignite or even explode. Thirdly use a suitable battery! In simple terms, if you need to use an atomizer less than 1 ohm, you must use a battery with a discharge current greater than 10A. Discharge capacity and battery capacity are two important parameters to consider when selecting a battery. For the choice of battery, I personally prefer Sony C5A, C6, cost-effective, which can be used on the power-controlled box mods and mechanical mods. Fourthly, Use a good charger. In simple terms, it is recommended to purchase the most expensive charger you can afford. The data shows that the vast majority of battery accidents occur during charging. Lithium batteries are not afraid of use and charging, but they are afraid of overcharging and over-discharging.

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