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SMOK Stick Prince Kit VS SMOK Stick V8 Kit
Today let me recommend two kinds of Smok Kits, one is named SMOK Stick Prince Kit with TFV12 Prince, and the other is named SMOK Stick V8 Kit. They are all solid kits for a first or back-up direct-to-lung vape. But while all the devices share some great characteristics, there are important differences between the tube-shaped mods. This guide will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these devices and help you decide which SMOK Stick suits your preferences. Stick Prince's rod end is a diamond-like ignition button, surrounded by a circle of yellow plastic edging. Under the working state, there will be a breathing light around the button, the button strength is lighter, the hand feels better but it is easy to touch. It is recommended to shut down directly when not in use to avoid accidental touch. The rear of the button is a USB charging interface. The lower side of the interface is a charging indicator. The shape around the bottom of the shaft is shaped like an atomizer, and the lines are chamfered and there will be no hand cuts. Stick Prince's atomizer is smok tfv12 prince tank 28mm, which is also a large smoke type atomizer recently launched by SMOK. It comes standard with two single coil 0.17 ohm coil. The smoke and the taste are combined. The e-juice capacity of 8ml is also enough for daily use. The refilling top cap with a lock on the top can also solve the mis-touch situation. buy stick prince STICK PRINCE is a constant-voltage electronic mod designed with a built-in battery. The official battery is labeled 3000 mAh, which is suitable for general users. The benefits of this kind of "fool stick" are obvious. The user does not need to consider the cumbersome adjustment of the power output. The pole chip will make a natural buck output of 3.4-4.2V battery due to the resistance of the atomizer. The Stick V8’s body is made of a full-metal casing, which is full of texture. In addition, the rainbow paint spray received this time is very distinctive, and it is like a piece of art in your hand. Due to the diameter increase, the battery capacity of Stick V8 has increased to 3000mAh, just like the Stick Prince. Smok Stick V8 in stock There is only one circular ignition button on the front, and there is a circle of red "plastic" on the outer circumference of the button. This is not a decorative material, but an operation indicator. It flashes according to different operations to remind the user, which is very practical. However, compared with the fine materials and exquisite workmanship of the whole pole including the atomizer, the indicator light is a bit cheaper and slightly regrettable. I have used it for about half a month. The biggest feature of this Stick V8 3000mAh is that it is convenient, simple, and easy to operate. It uses a large resistance to automatically match the power output, which is very worry-free. Although the taste cannot be done at will, after adapting to its output, this convenience is self-evident, the built-in battery is also very simple to maintain, 3000mAh battery capacity enough for my old smoker to use one day, All aspects of performance are very good. So at the end, which one do you like better? Click here to get stick prince: https://vapesourcing.com/smok-stick-prince-kit-with-tfv12-prince.html Click here to get stick v8: https://vapesourcing.com/smok-stick-v8-kit.html

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