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Some Analysis of the Amount of E-cigs Smoke
Go straight to the point, say the conclusion, and analyze it again. The factors that affect the amount of smoke are only three in the end: temperature, heating area, ventilation. I will explain this in the following words. Firstly is the temperature. A large and thick smoke requires the heating wire to quickly reach the temperature of the evaporating e-liquid, and keep the temperature above the evaporating e-liquid temperature to ensure that the e-liquid is continuously evaporated and consumes smoke. To put it bluntly, it is the power that needs to make the heating wire reach a sufficient temperature under certain data, which will change with different factors. The power calculated simply by the formula or by some kind of calculation software is unreliable. Many variables will affect the result: vaping amount A: The e-juice guiding speed, everyone knows that evaporation will take away a lot of heat, as long as the e-juice guiding speed is greater than the evaporation rate of the e-juice, then the power can be driven higher. Suppose that the heating wire is placed in a beaker filled with e-juice. In theory, in the case of unlimited e-juice guiding, is it possible to fire up to an infinite wattage? The answer is no, the higher the power, the faster the heating wire reaches the high temperature, but the heating wire has a hot melt limit. B: External temperature, the lower the external temperature, the more heat the wire needs to reach the required temperature, and it is necessary to fire up to a higher wattage. This is easy to understand. Assuming that a device is designed to keep the heating wire in a liquid nitrogen environment, how much power is required to reach the temperature of the evaporating e-liquid? Everyone can think about it. Therefore, under the premise of considering the variables, the heating wire should be quickly reached and maintained at the required temperature, and the e-liquid can be continuously evaporated to obtain a larger amount of smoke. e-cigs amount Secondly is the heating area. The area of heat is the most important factor affecting the amount of smoke. The larger the heating area, the greater the contact area of the smoke liquid after reaching the temperature, the greater the evaporation, the greater the smoke. If you can't understand it, imagine burning a piece of iron on a plate, and the effect of pouring a pot of glycerin on it is compared with the effect of pouring glycerin on a burning wire. The important thing to emphasize here is that it has nothing to do with the resistance! Assume that under the same lap diameter, a 0.1mm filament has a resistance of 0.1 ohm around a circle; a 1.0mm thick wire is wound around 10 laps, and the resistance is also 0.1 ohm. Asking which data the amount of smoke is large, the result is obvious, 1.0ohm 10 laps of heating area is larger, and the amount of smoke is naturally larger. So don't take it for granted that 0.1 ohm produces more smoke than 0.3 ohm. Under the premise of comprehensive consideration of variables, the combination of heating wire data can be used to draw the conclusion of the amount of smoke. Thirdly is the ventilation. Ventilation is the factor that affects the minimum amount of smoke, as current mainstream RDA's ventilation is adequate. This is also easy to understand. Under the premise of sufficient temperature and heat, if the ventilation is small, the smoke inhaled during the same time will naturally be small. And the large amount of ventilation is also conducive to the heat dissipation of the atomizer. There is not much discussion here. Here I recommend some kits which are famous for big smoke, SMOK X-PRIV Kit, SMOK MAG KIT and geekvape aegis legend kit. I hope you guys will love these.

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