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CoilART Series Atomizers Cross - Evaluation
American well-known steam brand CoilART is born for vapors, CoilART is committed to continuously designing and creating popular products that are more in line with the needs of vapors, and advocates healthy, fashionable, shared life concepts and steam culture around the world. The "MAGE Master" series is a classic for the player market. So today we are going to make a cross-evaluation on three CoilART series atomizers: DPRO RDA, DPRO mini RDA, MAGE RTA V2 RTA.


This atomizer has no posts, no double posts, no three posts, clips, all of which do not exist. After removing the posts, the chamber space is released, and the internal airflow is better. The air intake method is side air intake, which directly blows the heating wire. The metal table above the air inlet is a slope design, which can help gather cotton, gather the air intake, and can also allow the spouted e-juice to flow back into the storage tank, so it does not ooze directly from the gap of the chamber, and it is considered very thoughtful. CoilART DPRO RDA 24mm About the DPRO RDA's taste. I directly use the original included fancy wire, about 0.17, 0.18 ohm, at the power of 90W, open two-thirds of the air inlet, taste great, regular cloud, but did not live up to my expectation. Whether it is fruit, red wine, or tobacco, the delicate layering is quite good, very clear, and the resistance is quite good.

2. DPRO mini RDA

The two groups of three-hole side intakes actually have a slight downward slope, which is consistent with the intake of the DPRO RDA. The airflow is pressed down to the bottom of the coil and then drawn by the tip drip through the coil. However, two small grooves are clearly formed on both sides of the deck. Whether it is the bottom filling or top filling, the MINI has a better flowability to the e-juice than the flat interior of the DPRO. The original Clapton Coil has been trimmed to the proper length of the foot, just install it and you can use it. When the coil is in the normal working position, the span and distance between the air hole and the coil are visible, and the DPRO MINI's airflow effect is extremely efficient, so it does not need to question the heat dissipation ability of the Clapton coil with high heat. CoilART DPRO Mini RDA 22mm About the DPRO mini's taste. The draw resistance is quite different from that of DPRO RDA. DPR MINI's suction resistance is obvious even when the intake air is fully used. With the original Clapton coil, the heat dissipation and suction resistance performance of the full intake air is optimal. When the intake air is closed to four holes and below, the data of the coil needs to be changed to meet the reduced heat dissipation capacity. Based on the original Clapton Coil, DPRO MINI's smoke experience is more concentrated and tastes good.


The tank is refilled via two fill ports that are exposed by unscrewing the top cap which has been textured for easy gripping. Airflow is adjustable at the bottom via triple external air inlets that have measurements of 10mm x 2mm. These slots direct air to 29 honeycomb air holes that surround the deck for massive vapor with plenty of flavor. The build deck is compatible with dual coils and is made from stainless steel with 24K gold plating to improve electrical conductivity. Four terminals each measure 2.5mm across to work with many wire types and sizes. Installed wire remains in place by tightening side mounted hex screws and to prevent burnt puffs, there are also dual ports that measure 3mm x 10mm. Design-wise, the CoilArt Mage V2 RTA has a luxurious appearance in part due to beautiful gold accents on the drip tip, build a deck, AFC ring, and 510 connection pin. CoilART MAGE RTA V2 24mm About the MAGE RTA V2's taste. The flavour is truly superb and certainly very close to an RDA experience. The airflow is really good and while somewhat airy does not diminish the flavour even when fully opened up. The draw is like a semi-restricted lung inhale so this RTA won't suit mouth to lung users. Cloud production was really good and produces a nice amount of clouds! Due to the Mage RTA V2 using a dual coil set up the juice does get vaped off slightly faster but this will vary depending on your build and the Wattage you vape at. OK, I believe that after reading all of these, you guys will choose the right atomizer which suits you.

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