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Something About Battery Explosion of Vape Kits
Yesterday, one of my friends told me that last night when he was sleeping, suddenly he heard a "boom", and he was shocked because his old vape kit had exploded. There are many reasons for the explosion. Let's share it for everyone. First of all, the battery, the mod chipboard is possible, but my friend said that all have protection method, it is impossible to explode. Will it be that the atomizer leaks e-juice, causing the box to be short-circuited? According to the normal situation, the short circuit of the chipboard will only burn the board and will not cause an explosion. It seems that the biggest problem is on the battery. E-cigarettes' batteries are used for a long time to exceed the standard. During the using of long-term high-current discharge, the overall temperature is high, and the long-term shrinkage and expansion of the diaphragm are more intense than the standard use, and the diaphragm will shrink and deform. Sony 18650 Battery in stock When the battery is working at a high current, the internal positive and negative electrode welding positions burn the diaphragm, and the dendrite polarity occurs inside the battery under a long time using. The risk of potentially piercing the diaphragm increases, causing a slight internal short circuit and an increase in internal resistance. Originally, there has been a potential internal short circuit. When the battery is charged, the battery diaphragm is expanded. The internal short circuit causes the battery to continue to increase in temperature. Once the boundary point is broken, the slight internal short circuit can no longer be controlled, resulting in a large internal short circuit, which will react violently. No matter what explosion-proof valve PTC will not work, it can only explode. Nearly 99% of all explosions occur when charging. The normal cell which is overcharged generally will not explosive, generally, only the explosion-proof valve will be jacked up. buy Vapesourcing 18650 Battery After many years of examples, it seems that the battery explosion is mainly an internal short circuit, and there are many factors that cause internal short circuit (charge and discharge exceed the standard, long-term high-voltage storage, process defects, etc.) In extreme cases (such as overcharge, high temperature, etc.), lithium-ion batteries generate intense chemical reactions inside and generate a large amount of gas. The 18650 battery uses a metal casing with a certain strength. When the internal air pressure reaches a certain level, the steel shell will rupture and explode. At last, I will introduce you some batteries which are specially designed for vape devices, such as Vapesourcing 18650 Battery, Aspire 18650 Battery, and Sony 18650 Battery.

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