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Does Cotton Really Affect The Mouth-feeling?
Hello everyone, I am Thomas. I often talk about some topics about e-cigarettes to you. Today, I will talk to you about cotton in e-cigarette accessories. With the advent of RDA, e-cigarettes entered the era of the big cloud. The vape juice guiding material not only requires rapid e-juice guiding and high-temperature resistance, but also has the ability to absorb and store the e-juice, and the size of the atomizer has increased during this period, and the cotton has become the mainstream e-juice guiding material. I have used a lot of cotton until today, mainstream, non-mainstream, easy to use, not easy to use. The following part I will share with you.

1. Medical absorbent cotton

Medical absorbent cotton In the beginning, I used the medical absorbent cotton, which is cheap, affordable, and sufficient, but it has many disadvantages: (1) The fiber is too broken and the e-juice conductivity is not outstanding; (2)Although the e-juice storage capacity is good, the residue of e-juice is serious and it is easy to change color; (3)It is difficult for novices to master the dosage, less cotton will lead to leakage, more cotton will lead to burnt, choke your throat; (4)The most deadly point is that it is easy to produce odor. The well-made coil often has a "rust taste" and is difficult to remove. So in a word, the medical absorbent cotton is not easy to use.

2. Organic cotton

Organic Cotton Since Rip Trippers used "Gangwon-do" in the video, this "organic cotton", which was originally used as a makeup for girls, has a new use. At that time, many sellers of Gangwon-do and MUJI found that the sales of cotton began to soar, and most of the buyers were related to e-cigarettes. Compared with medical absorbent cotton, the advantages of organic cotton such as Gangwon-do and MUJI are obvious: (1)It is purely natural and non-polluting. It does not use pesticides during the growth process. It can be called “organic cotton” after being certified. It is more reassuring than bleached cotton such as medical absorbent cotton; (2)Most of the organic cotton is in the form of a sheet, which can be cut at will according to the required width, and it is easy to grasp the dosage; (3)The chance of producing odor is much lower than that of absorbent cotton;(4)Under the same data, the taste of e-juice has improved. Especially in Gangwon-do, the improvement in taste is better than the MUJI of the same organic cotton.

3. Artificial cotton

Artificial cotton With the development of electronic cigarettes, when electronic cigarettes have a certain influence, cotton specially developed according to the characteristics of e-cigarettes has appeared. It uses artificial cotton fiber, the structure is similar to the filling inside the plush toy, but it is clean, hygienic and long in fiber, which is good for guiding vape juice.

4. Modified cotton

Modified cotton Modified cotton is also used exclusively for an e-cigarette, using pure natural organic cotton or medical cotton. Select long-term, neat raw cotton, and remove some impurities such as cottonseed hulls in cotton through some processes, and improve the overall performance of guiding e-juice and e-juice storage. The e-juice restores the taste more purely, and the pure natural bacon cotton is representative of the new type of cotton. The shape of the cotton is flaky, much like pork "bacon". The Wick 'N' Vape Organic Cotton Bacon Prime is such a good modified cotton, I hope you guys will enjoy vaping with it.

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