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Best 20700 battery for vaping 2020
As we all know, there are 2 types of power support for e-cigarette battery: built-in battery (Li Po) or outside Li-ion battery. At the first stage of the e-cig Li-ion battery, all most all box mod used 18650 batteries, like sony VTC series and LG HE4. With more and larger cloud demand and high wattage atomizer launched, people start to feel that 18650 battery life may not enough for a whole day vaping, so 20700 battery and 20700 battery mod start to join the family and play a big role in the field.

We all know that some big brand 20700 batteries and we sourced many other small brands 20700 batteries, so here we list the best 20700 battery for vaping in 2020.

Best 20700 Batteries - Sanyo NCR20700B

As the quote from Wikipedia “Sanyo is a Japanese electronics company and formerly a member of the Fortune Global 500 whose headquarters was located in Moriguchi, Osaka prefecture, Japan. Sanyo had over 230 subsidiaries and affiliates.” Sanyo 20700B is an NCR battery with 4000mAh capacity maximum discharge 15A current

Below are the test comments from Mooch.

At 10A continuous it reached 3909mAh. This is good performance for a 4000mAh cell at 10A so I am rating it at 4000mAh.
At 15A continuous the temperature rose to 74°C. This is just a bit below the average temperature of a cell operating at its continuous discharge rating (CDR). This is an indication that we are operating near its true rating.
At 20A continuous the temperature rose to 88°C. This is too hot for this current level to be the rating.
At 25A continuous the temperature rose to 102°C. This much too hot and is above my 100°C safety limit.
I am setting a CDR of 16A for this cell. While operating any cell near its rated maximum current level causes damage to the cell, I would expect good cycle life from this cell at 16A continuous.

Best 20700 Batteries – 2. AmpKing 20700 Battery

Ampking 20700 batteries are brand new to the market and it features long battery life and high max discharge. With 3000mAh battery capacity and continuous discharge current can reach 35A.

Below are the test comments from Mooch.

At 10A continuous this cell delivered about 2865mAh. This typical for a high-performance 3000mAh cell so I am rating it at 3000mAh.
Its temperature of 80°C at 30A continuous is just above the average for cells being operated at their rating so I am rating this cell at 30A.

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