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SMOK Novo Series Comparison, Which One is The Best Among Novo x, Novo 2 and Novo?

Vape unit structures have become so mainstream nowadays that basically every significant organization in the business has at any rate one in its item arrangement. All things considered, SMOK now has three of them. The Smok Novo Series arrangement brings a comparable level of versatility yet with an all-encompassing battery life that ought to be fit for conveying longer enduring execution. Let's start a review of the Novo series and which one is best and suitable.

Smok Novo X

The Smok Novo X Pod Kit comes in eight shading plans. Silver, Black, Blue, White, seven shadings. These all have a cobra style design decorated onto them. The fundamental body includes zinc amalgam. It's truly weightless whenever holding and there's most likely minimal possibility of dropping it despite the fact that it has something of an oily surface. Conceivably forestalling a couple of scratches to a great extent.

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The CNC cutting and plating around the sides and base are very tasteful and no uncertainty adds to generally speaking quality and protection from harm. the miniature USB port has now been put on the base of the battery so the best way to charge it is in a level position. Also, Smok gives an exceptionally splendid and clear 0.49-inch screen show that is anything but difficult to see in direct daylight.

Smok Novo 2

Vaping with the Novo 2 has been marvelous. The units enjoy a fill to reprieve in yet once they do they're astounding. I'm especially attracted with the 1.0ohm unit. The work produces a precise and full flavor that is amazing to get from a case vape

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Smok Novo 2 represents a specific haul that most case style gadgets. Also, It helps give a feeling of value to the gadget. It lies as a conspicuous difference to the super-light plastic materials. It is utilizing with each other case style gadget out there.

The zinc-amalgam skeleton is additionally wonderfully furnished. Also, It comes with a marble-like completion which is likewise accessible in a progression of all-around picked hues. It helps give the gadget a dash of class.


The SMOK Novo arrives in a small dark cardboard box with an image of the case framework on the front, and a short portrayal of it just as a rundown of unit substance, and the typical admonitions, on the back. Organization data and the realness scratch-and-check sticker are on the sides.

Inside the container, we have the Novo battery, two refillable cases, a short miniature USB link, and a feeble client manual. The way that SMOK remembers two refillable units for this pack is a major ace and enormous market advantage over the opposition. Albeit two units ought to be the business standard, most organizations actually offer just one of them, so SMOK certainly merits some recognition for shaking things up.

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The SMOK Novo is one of the littlest, most minimized unit frameworks I have ever utilized. Estimating just 88.3mm x 24.3mm x 14.3mm, the Novo is essentially a similar size and shape as an exemplary cigarette lighter, which implies it even fits cozily in your little pants pocket. It's advertised as ultra-convenient, and that portrayal really fits impeccably.

The Novo arrives in an assortment of lively hues, from pink to child blue, and is made principally of metal (not certain what type) and plastic. Aside from a little battery life marker, a miniature USB port, and some marking, there's actually nothing worth referencing about the plan. There's no screen, no catches, as this is a draw-initiated gadget, only a smooth battery that interfaces with the refillable units at the top.


Vaping with the Smok Novo Series has been great. The cases enjoy a fill to reprieve in yet once they do they're astonishing. Also, The work produces an exact and full flavor that is amazing to get from a unit vape. All of these three Smok Novo series are best at their own design and features. If you are thinking to buy any one of them you are on the right point to grab. This series brings you the latest technology with a compact size. So, what are you waiting for? Try the Smok Novo series Now.


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