WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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5 Batteries Monster Kanger Five6

Kanger FIVE6 Full Kit

Just look at the size of the box is enough to see FIVE 6 certainly not small. One FIVE 6 mod, one FIVE 6 atomizer, a replaceable black temperature change glass tube, one O-seal ring, two 0.6 omega replacement coil and one manual. Another, the manufacturers deliberately sent 5 with the battery positive protection pads, if the battery cathode around the skin problems, such batteries are generally not used, but we will be affixed to the pads, broken batteries can be back to life, and it is very nice. powerful Kanger FIVE6 148 * 40 * 57MM size can not be completely holed but one hand, you must grasp the job. However, in order to hand-held convenience, the designer deliberately to the side of the body to do a circular processing. Installed five batteries, the weight is very heavy, but still very good feeling. Put in the pocket is not convenient, and used in the room is still good. But 5 batteries, completely have a strong battery life. The mod is mainly made of two kinds of metal material, cover and bottom cover with zinc alloy material, body shell is made of aluminum alloy material, it seems the mod of anti-drop is still very strong. Black paint effect of the body cover, the top of the 510 interface, the interface of the electrode to do the gold-plated treatment. The display is also designed at the top, the advantage is to view the data on the display, no need to turn the mod can be interpreted. However, because the display interface with the 510 at the top, and very close. Therefore, in the use of drip atomizer for burning, the atomizer ejected oil stars will be splashed on the display screen, affecting the screen cleanliness, need to use napkins to wipe. The side of the cover has USB interface, this interface is not USB charging port, so the mod does not support the direct charge, but it can be used as a charge or power bank, can provide 5V1A output mode, for mobile phones and other equipment Or as a power supply to use is quite good, the output is also very stable. If you want to use as a power, you need to press the circular key next to the interface, the mode from the power mode to switch mode, simple and practical. Fire button design on the front of the cover, the key surface to do a non-slip treatment, press feeling is very comfortable. colorful Kanger FIVE6 Full Kit The body shell are made of aluminum alloy material, the surface made a blue paint, thick paint, it will not collect fingerprints. However, the color of the paint effect, it appears that the mod of the plastic sense of a strong sense of the point. Both sides of the shell were made lightning standard, lightning standard embedded in the carbon fiber panel, the subject to join, it fully demonstrated the powerful FIVE 6. Next to the cooling holes. The front of the shell also made the seal effect of the K word. Above the black button for the fire button, moderate hardness, feels good. The shell is replaceable, black, yellow, red, green, blue 5 options totally. The performance of this electronic cigarette is pretty good, handsome appearance, exquisite workmanship. 5 batteries with a superior battery life, the mod is quite good, with high technology, intelligent control of the atomizer is extremely powerful, but the core can not be rebuilt , Slightly feel a little bit regret, it is recommended that manufacturers can be equipped with a RBA components. See more details in https://vapesourcing.com/kanger-five6-full-kit.html

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