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  • HCigar Wildwolf TC Box Mod Review - Lightweight Enough

    The dual-battery TC box mod is generally based on high-power full output and endurance, so it is often not dominant in size and weight. If the box mod in the pocket is too heavy, such as the weight of a brick, many players must have encountered. The lightweight dual-battery box...
  • How to Experience TC Box Mod As A New E-cigarette Player?

    Temperature control is a special kind of electronic cigarette output mode. In addition to the special name with a strong temptation, the vapers also have different opinions on temperature control. Some people think that temperature control is relatively "useless" and hardly used. Some people are very respected, like the taste...
  • Intelligent Learning - Asvape Gabriel Choice Box Mod Review

    For e-cigarette newcomers, how much power should be matched with different resistance for good taste? Or for the old users, using different atomizers for smoking different e-juice requires frequent adjustments of power, which is quite tedious, sometimes we forget to adjust the power, the savory taste of the barbecue comes...

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