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The Comparative Taste Review of INFINIX, FIT and ROLO Badge

At the beginning of 2018, as the leading enterprise in the e-cigarette industry, SMOK has launched three small cigarette machine devices based on smoke-free location: INFINIX, FIT and ROLO Badge, which is very lively! The three small e-cigarettes are typical smoke-free-type taste. The so-called "small e-cigarettes" ,on the one hand refers to the compactness and portability, and on the other hand to the relatively small amount of smoke they simulate. Compared to conventional e-cigarette box hosts, they are much smaller in size and have a correspondingly smaller amount of smoke. The power of current mainstream dual-box mainframes can be adjusted to more than 200W, and the power of such small-scale e-cigarettes is usually 5W-15W range, so the small amount of smoke is inevitable. However, this does not mean that they have poor taste. In fact, the smog they create is definitely sufficient if it is used only for e-cigarettes. SMOK INFINIX Kit review INFINIX, FIT and ROLO Badge can bring enough smog for the use of e-cigarettes. This is certainly beyond all doubt. It can be said responsibly that the amount of smog they bring will definitely be greater than the amount of regular cigarettes. Moreover, the temperature simulation is not bad. If there is a horizontal comparison between this three, INFINIX is very close to smok FIT, the temperature of the smog in ROLO Badge is a bit higher and the smog is a little bit bigger, but this difference is not particularly obvious. SMOK FIT Kit deal In all fairness, these three products are very good small smoke products. With SMOK's outstanding quality assurance, no matter which one you choose, it will be a wise choice. Three items will be taken when Smokers go out: small e-cigarettes, mobile phones, power banks, minimalist trips, abandon cigarette boxes, lighters, wallets, embrace green and healthy life, so easily. SMOK Rolo Badge Kit deal If you must listen to my personal advice, it is actually very simple: in this world of beauty value, is there any important? Therefore, if the budget is sufficient, it is not necessary to consider the cost of daily use. Selecting ROLO Badge directly! If you smoke like a chimney, consider the cost of long-term use (provided you have a certain manual dexterity), or you are particularly concerned about the nuances of volume and weight, you want to pursue the ultimate small and exquisite, select a section in INFINIX and FIT, in terms of both, whether it is the appearance, workmanship, materials, functions, the difference is very small. What will affect your judgment, maybe just your personality, the shape of the blade? Or tough long trapezoidal shape?

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