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The Old Dominator Has Returned - Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA Mini

If you like to study the relationship between air intake and coil, this atomizer I would definitely recommend: Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA. Air intake amount, blowing range and configuration can be freely controlled with the kit. Five months have passed, and this sinister evil spirit once again stretched out its magic hand. That's right! The protagonist of today is Hastur MTL RTA Mini. Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA Mini deal Very recognizable long suction nozzle, matte glass and Cthulhu's octopus head, that's Hastur MTL RTA Mini, a more refined RTA atomizer in mouth-suck field. It is 22mm in diameter and only 30mm in height when it is not sucked. The atomization bin is only ultra-small size with φ=13mm, H=6mm. Hastur's width and height are 24*55mm, and Hastur Mini is 22*30mm (long suction nozzle H=51mm). Despite it is a modified version of Hastur, the direction is slightly different. Hastur can change the amount of air intake and blowing by nine air intake packages, two-way four-hole silk frame can adapt to various types and different direction of coils. Although Hastur Mini doesn't have air intake kit, the wire laying method also returns to tradition, with screw thread, in contrast, the tank whose compression to the ultimate is more destructive. Overall, its the ultimate concentrated purebred style, absolutely different from traditional and classic European and American atomizers. In terms of oil filling, oil guiding or air-inlet controlling, it has advantages of more convenience and humanity. If you like this kind of big resistance style, but you want to get rid of the tedious design, in addition to Hastur, Hastur Mini will be your good friend.

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