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Do Not Forget The Original Heart Aspire Zelos

Aspire, I believe that as long as playing electronic cigarette vapers, almost everyone is familiar with it. Do you remember Aspire's ESP kits? Remember Nautilus MINI kit? VAPE in that year is so simple, so passion. Now, the development of electronic cigarette flourishing, but who will remember, our initial. First take a look at this "Nautilus 2" atomizer. From the appearance, the nebulizer looks like a little bit "weird", but after couple of mints will be fine , it is very easy to accept. Seemingly do not take the reality of the drip tip with the outside, it make people have a "nipple" feeling, ah, must be so. The atomizer is divided into five parts: drip tip, outer warehouse, glass tube, coil and base. aspire zelos 50W BVC coil is divided into two versions, the first paragraph comes with 1.8 omega coil, marked with its power can be used in the range of "4.8V-5.0V", that is, 12-13W or so. 0.7omega coil can be used in the range of "18-23W". From the use of point of view, 1.8 omega coil, but the taste is more comfortable, it brings the feelings are still very good. More suitable for pumping high levels of PG E-juice 0.7 omega coil, vape volume increase is not very high, but the vape compared to 1.8 omega, the coil is more hot, for the analysis of the degree of vape and taste of the gap between the feelings of their own experience. Remember how to use nautilus atomizer Remember get wet the coil and wait for three minutes! Otherwise paste the coil. And then take a look at Zelos 50W mod. 50W for the starters are completely enough. 50W power is 1-50W, every 0.1W / regulation. Normal mode, support 0.1 omega-3.5 omega resistance; mechanical mode, only supports 0.2 omega-3.5 omega resistance. Due to built-in battery, so the smaller. But built-in battery capacity up to 2500mAh, daily use, can not charge two days. For the use of instructions, I have no too much to say, if you are interested , go to read the instructions. Zelos with red color The Zelos comes with three colors for your choice. Its volume is very small, only 79 * 38 * 23mm. Stitching the appearance of the look, it is more business, splicing a little protruding, corresponding to ergonomic, in the course of the hand will not make a sense of fatigue. Positive splicing printed with brand LOGO. Unloading holes up to 12 as much, and the use of the process did not find the mod overheating. 0.69 inch screen, although not particularly large, but the data display is more comprehensive, including the current voltage, current resistance, current power / temperature and other modes. For the digital display, the font appears to be smaller, the font will become larger, people see more clearly. Gravity sensing mode, seemingly can not be closed. Real-time monitoring of the resistance, simply place the atomizer on it, without pressing the fire button, you can display the current resistance. All in All, Through the test, the mod delay in the acceptable range, and the intensity of the outbreak is also more common, but the actual use does not appear too virtual standard situation. The overall use of feelings, The Zelos will occupy a place. If you are interest in it, check it via our web VapeSourcing.com.

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