WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Benifit Of E-cig I Would Tell You

Tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, there are essential differences. Tobacco cigarette's smoke is generated after the combustion of solid particles, electronic smoke smoke is caused by high temperature atomization mist. Electronic cigarette is not smoking cessation products, can only be regarded as smoking cessation aids, just a substitute for smoking. His principle is to use nicotine to solve physical addiction, with simulated smoke and simulated smoke taste to solve the psychological addiction to achieve the effect of smoking. why choose Electronic cigarettes The use of electronic cigarette smoking, there may be a situation, real smoke is quit, electronic cigarettes are addicted. Electronic cigarette smoke does not contain tar, in the taste with the real smoke or a certain difference. This is electronic cigarette. Here to talk about why choose electronic cigarette. Why choose electronic cigarettes, Electronic smoke is better than real smoke where, simply say there are so few points. pick best e-cigs 1. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, he only contains nicotine, and nicotine itself is not much harm, it is just addictive something. 2. Electronic cigarettes almost do not produce secondhand smoke, will not make people feel unpleasant fog. 3. Electronic cigarette can be man-made control of nicotine content, you can gradually reduce the use of nicotine in the content, with their own will, and ultimately may achieve the effect of smoking cessation.

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