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How to Use Boost Mode on Disposable Vapes?

Are you fed up with regular disposable vapes with similar looks and muted flavors? Disposable vape would have become more and more boring and give new vapers the cold shoulder and new vapers have to switch to pod systems and other vape kits complicated for them. Rome is not built in one day and it takes some time to learn everything about vaping. Even the Top 5 Pod Systems are a little tricky to use for beginners. So, what is the best option for good flavors, heavy vapor and convenience? Meet our Boosted disposable vapes that can satisfy all your needs.

1. What is Disposable Vapes with Boost Mode?

A Boost Mode, Turbo Mode, or Pulse Mode, whatever the name is, allows vapers to double the output as well as the airflow of their kits in order to produce stronger tastes, nicotine hits, and denser clouds. Certainly, these kits are disposable vapes with screens, which show the battery life, e-juice level and the data in the Boost Mode.

2. How is A Disposable Vape Boosted?

The secret lies in the coils, the heart of all vape kits. Usually, a disposable vape has only one coil for heating the e-juice. The flavor could be mild or subtle. Boosted disposable vapes are equipped with dual mesh coils to increase the amount of juice vaporized simultaneously. And the airflow adjustment is also enhanced. As a result, the flavor consistency is higher and you can enjoy decent nicotine hits. There is also a similarity shared by these boosted vapes: They are all disposable vapes with screen. You can know the e-juice level, battery life and output power clearly.

3. Where to Find the Best Disposable Vapes with Boost Mode

If you are interested in these fancy disposable vapes with novel functions, or get bored with your old-fashioned kits, check our website and there are all the newest disposable vapes with boost mode. Let's take a look at our selected boosted vapes:

(1) Geek Bar Pulse 15000

best Geek Bar Pulse 15000

Geek Bar Pulse is definitely one of the pioneers and outstanding one of the similar products. Its enhanced airflow and 20W output power deliver dense vapor and full flavor of the vape juice. The performance of Pulse 15000 will be double and it can satisfy up to 7500 puffs in the pulse mode. It also comes with the world's first full screen that displays all the information you need. The display function is not only helpful during vaping and recharging but also adds to the fun of vaping with different animations.

(2) InstaBar WT15000

cheap InstaBar WT15000

Look at that big and clear, 1.77-inch display screen of InstaBar WT15000. It is the rightful successor of Geek Bar Pulse. The big old screen shows you the resistance of coils, battery status, e-juice level, and output power. All these functions are activated by one button. The airflow is also adjustable via the valves at the bottom of InstaBar WT15000.

(3) SMOK Priv Bar Turbo 15000

SMOK Priv Bar Turbo hot sale

What if a time-renowned vape kit producer joins the battle among disposable vape makers? SMOK proved that it can wear another hat and satisfy the vapers who prefer disposable vape kits. Priv Bar Turbo offers two separate screens for the display of power and juice status in different modes. Different from other kits, it has a 3-level airflow adjustment. The airflow adjustment is more precise and customizable. Pulse, you can enjoy up to 10000 puffs in the Turbo mode without losing a drop.

(4) Coolplay Smart 10000

Coolplay Smart 10000 for sale

Coolplay surely comes with some cool features and functions. For example, it is activated and operated via a touch-sensitive button. You can tap the button five times to activate it and two times in order to activate the boost mode. Even if you touch the button accidentally, the kit will not be activated. Your safety is always the priority.

(5) IJOY Captain 10000

cheap IJOY Captain 10000

Captain 10000 is the first disposable Vape that displays battery life as well as e-juice level with numbers rather than a symbol. IJOY Captain has two vaping modes: S mode and D mode. S stands for Powerful and Preferable. D means Smooth and Comfortable. IJOY Captain 10000 provides both tasty vapor and a comfortable grip with leather. The performance of Captain 10000 is good with user-friendly designs.

(6) Woofr 15000

best Woofr 15000 Disposable Vape

Woofr 15000 Disposable Vape comes with 20ml pre-filled vape juice, a 650mAh rechargeable battery, a display screen and an APOP dual mesh coil and can satisfy about 15000 puffs. IJOY Woofr is powered by IJOY, which ensures good flavors. You can switch between S and D modes to suit your needs. The display screen shows the battery status and e-juice level. Moreover, the APOP Dual Mesh Coil reduces e-juice loss and brings out the best flavors.

(7) Exeek EK15000

cheap Exeek EK15000

Exeek EK15000 Disposable Vape is a smart and reliable disposable vape with pre-filled vape juice, a 650mAh rechargeable battery, and a CEMEVO mesh coil that can deliver about 15000 puffs in total. Although it can satisfy about 15000 puffs, you can expect more from EK15000. For example, you can activate the boost mode to enjoy a wilder vaping experience.

4. Conclusion

With the advanced technology and ideas, we have more and more options and choices for vape kits. Different functions and unique names might be confusing but we can figure it out sooner or later. Or we just enjoy vaping, letting go of the BS. Hope your vaping and life are boosted and I will see you next week.


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