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Is Vaping Healthier Than Vaping?

Although both smoking and vaping involve the process of inhaling and exhaling, basically, they are different in nature. Unfortunately, there has been a disputed claim that vaping is as harmful as smoking. The sentence structure may vary but the meaning remains the same. And some smokers may argue that e-cigarettes do more damage than combustible tobacco products. Come with me and let's see through the haze and uncover the difference between vaping and smoking. Before that, I'd like to show you guys our hottest and the healthiest disposable vapes that newly arrived:

(1) SMOK Priv Bar Turbo

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SMOK Priv Bar Turbo 15000 Disposable Vape features 16ml pre-filled vape juice, a rechargeable battery, a display screen for battery status and e-juice level, and can satisfy about 15000 puffs in total. Priv Bar Turbo is fully loaded with delicious e-juice. With the high-tech of SMOK, Priv Bar delivers heavy vapor as well as satisfying strong nicotine hits. To make vaping convenient and easier, a display screen is attached to the Priv Bar Turbo. You can read the battery status and e-juice level.

(2) MICCO N16000 Disposable Vape

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MICCO N16000 Disposable Vape is packed with prefilled 20ml e-liquid, which can support between 16000 puffs. With its battery & e-liquid indicator, it reveals both the remaining e-juice percentage and battery life. Incorporating its 0.8ohm alternating dual mesh coils, each bar delivers a consistently smooth vaping experience. In terms of the adjustable wattage, it can switch between 10W to 20W, so you can customize both flavor and vapor production. Powered by a rechargeable 650mAh battery, the long-lasting session does away with your nicotine craving.

1. Appearance

Claims such as "smoke and vapor are identical" are quite absurd. As long as one observes vapor and smoke carefully, the distinctions will be too conspicuous to neglect.

(1) Smoke

Smoke is a visible cloud that forms when tobacco is burned. It often appears as a wispy, grayish mist. Usually, it swirls and then dissipates into the surrounding air. Compared with vapor, smoke is more obvious and noticeable because of its gray and white, sometimes bluish color. When smoke is exhaled, it lingers and then dramatically separates the air around.

(2) Vapor

Vapor is produced when an e-cigarette is activated and used. Vapor from a disposable vape or pod system kit with lower output power is less dense and noticeable, which enables vapers to do stealth vaping. Vape is often described as white or a little grayish. Unlike lingering smoke, vape disappears faster and leaves no odor or only a little scent according to the flavor of your disposable vapes or vape juice.

2. Smell

(1) Smoke

Smoke from a cigarette is always noticeable and disgusting. As combustion is involved in the process of smoking, the smoke also comes with the odor of burning wood or more specifically, burning paper. The odor is lingering, sticking to your clothes, hair and even finger. The mouth will smell like hell and no one would like to talk or get close to a smoker who just finished a cigarette.

(2) Vapor

Different from smoke, how the vapor smells is determined by the flavorings in the e-liquid. There is no combustion involved in the vaporization of vape juice. So, there are little burnt or earthy smells. As a result, it is easy to figure out how to hide vape smell. I offered 8 different ways and each of them is practical and efficient.

3. Ingredients

(1) Smoke contains harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. Tar is a complicated mixture of chemicals that condenses into a sticky substance in the lungs. And carbon monoxide is responsible for decreased oxygen delivery to tissues

(2) Vapor, despite its similar look to smoke, is only composed of PG, VG, and flavoring. None of them is harmful unless you are allergic to VG.

4. Conclusion

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, vaping is not totally safe, but at least healthier than smoking. If you are ready or hesitant to transition from smoking to vaping, here are tobacco-flavored e-juice and disposable vapes of tobacco flavor for you:

Naked 100 American Patriot

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American Patriot by Naked 100 Tobacco is a delicious e-liquid that is perfect for vapers who enjoy a classic tobacco flavor. This e-juice features a rich and bold tobacco taste that is perfectly balanced with subtle hints of sweet caramel.

Virginia Tobacco LUFFBAR TT9000

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Virginia Tobacco LUFFBAR Kit offers the purest and most authentic tobacco flavor and satisfactory nicotine hits without any lingering odor or giving you bad breath. This is the best choice for new vapers and experienced ones who prefer classic tastes.

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