RabBeats RC10000 Touch Review: One Touch to Switch

Have you ever used the game-changer in the field of smartphones, AKA the iPhone 4? It is not the first phone with a touch screen, but it is the best and the foremost one that makes it different. What about a disposable vape with a touch screen? How will it change our way of vaping? Let's plumb the depth of RC10000 Touch, the first disposable vape with a touch screen.

1. Visual Representation

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For most of us, RC10000 Touch might just resemble the original RabBeats RC10000. However, with scrutinized observation. we will find the major differences. The outlook of RC10000 is still as colorful as RC10000. It is equipped with an ergonomic mouthpiece. Here comes the important thing. RabBeats RC10000 Touch is equipped with a full-screen display, distinctive from the tiny screen bar of RabBeats RC10000.

2. Vape Juice Storage and Battery

RC10000 Touch can hold up to 14ml vape juice because of its large vape juice reservoir. Volume does matter as puff count inflation gets worse. 14ml is adequate to produce 14000 Puffs at most. RabBeats RC10000 Touch is truly a disposable vape with a high puff count. As to the battery, the 620mAh battery is not outstanding among other disposable vapes with a more powerful battery, such as the Spaceman Prism 20K.

Prism 20K by Spaceman

cheap Prism 20K Spaceman

Spaceman Prism 20K is powered by a 1000mAh rechargeable battery. It is impressive as only pod system kits are equipped with such robust batteries. And Prims 20K is also a disposable vape with more than 20000 puffs. With Type-C Charging, Prism 20K is always prepared unless the juice runs out. It also comes with a large screen, up to 1.77-inch. How many vaping modes does Prism 20K have? One, Two and Three! Prism 20K has three vaping modes: Soft, Norm, and Boost. Each mode offers different vaping experiences with subtle changes in output power.

3. World's First Touch Screen

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Here comes our main dish. How does a touch screen change the way of vaping? Just look at your smartphone. Do you need to type each character carefully to send a short message? Free from any button, RC10000 Touch can be operated easily.

Easy RC10000 Touch User Manual

Check E-juice Level/Battery Status: Touch the screen once to check the battery status and e-juice level

Switch Modes: Swipe slowly from left to right and click the mode you want. It is similar to the operation of your smartphone.

Lost Vape LightRise TB 18K

Lost Vape LightRise TB 18K hot sale

Here is another disposable vape with a touch screen and three vaping modes. LightRise TB 18K is powered by Lost Vape, blessed with a robust 700mAh rechargeable battery for vaping without frequent recharging. As I stated, TB 18K offers three vaping modes and you can switch different modes (adjust the output voltage) with the full-screen button. It has the features of a touch screen so you can tap on the screen rather than press a button. Lost Vape LightRise also supports two different vaping styles (MTL and RDL). You can adjust the airflow to satisfy your needs. Versatile and trustworthy, Lost Vape LightRise will be your new favorite disposable vape with a screen and boost mode.

3 Vaping Modes

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Even the hottest Geek Bar Pulse 15000 only supports two vaping modes, It is quite bold for RabBeats RC10000 Touch to offer more settings and it turns out to be a success. Generally, RC10000 Touch provides 3 vaping modes or different output power settings. And each mode provides unique vaping experiences.

Light Mode

Refined and Nuanced Flavors with Subtle Throat Hits

Smooth Mode

Subtle and Flavorful Undertones with Mild Throat Hits

Strong Mode

Rich and Intensified Tastes with Refreshing Hits

Light Mode is perfect for new vapers and people who prefer mild flavors and subtle nicotine hits. Smooth Mode might be the most welcome one as it flawlessly strikes the balance between flavors and nicotine hits. The flavor is not overpowering and the hits do not disgust you. Strong Mode is designed for adept vaping enthusiasts. If you want to feel the explosion of fruity flavors inside your mouth, this is the mode you need. Anyway, vapers of all levels can entertain themselves with RabBeats RC10000 Touch.

4. Conclusion

RabBeats RC10000 Touch is a significant milestone for disposable vapes. RC10000 Touch is characterized by a smart touchscreen display and adjustable vaping modes. It is one of the most trending disposable vapes now. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes or just tired of boring old vapes, RC10000 Touch is your best choice. May fun and joy be with you and I will see you next we


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