RAMA 16000 Disposable Vape Review: Disposable Vape with Bluetooth

Can you imagine a disposable vape that you can't lose? Are you sick of clicking the button three or seven times in order to turn it off? Come on! We have App-controlled lights and air conditioners, what about a disposable vape controlled by an App? RAMA 16000 is the new challenger in the field.

RAMA 16000 is designed by Yovo Vape, a promising disposable vape brand, aiming at redefining the vaping experience with innovative technology and fashionable design. Yovo stands for You Only Vape Once and hopefully, you will fall in love with RAMA once and for all.

1. Appearance

RAMA belongs to the group of disposable vapes with screens. It is equipped with a full-view screen just like your smartphone. The mouthpiece is colorful and transparent. The color of the frame and mouthpiece indicates the specific flavor of RAMA 16000. The airflow control is at the bottom of the vape. And that's the only switch you need to deal with.

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2. E-juice Capacity and Battery Information

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RAMA 16000 has a medium-sized juice tank that can contain about 15ml vape juice. The puff count of this RAMA disposable vape is 16000 puffs. It is a disposable vape with more than 15000 puffs. Distinctive from other disposable kits, RAMA requires less frequent recharging thanks to the 850mAh rechargeable battery. Considering that 650mAh batteries are more common, RAMA 16K does make a difference.

3. Operation

You may have noticed that there is only one switch at the bottom of RAMA 16000, next to the Type-C charging port. That's the switch for you to adjust the airflow, which suggests that you can operate RAMA 16000 with a click except the airflow.

An App called YaRa Connect Pro is needed to operate your RAMA disposable via your smartphone. Once it is installed properly, you can click the icon. It will start the pairing process automatically. It is supported by a Bluetooth connection and you don't necessarily need an Internet Connection.

Once your phone is paired with your vape. You will see the graphical interface. Three round symbols with numbers inside show the percentage of battery life and e-juice level and the duration of each puff. It is rare that your disposable vape can keep records of how long your puff lasts.

4. Functions

The first App for disposable vapes in the world, Yara Connect Pro, can be downloaded on Google Play on the Apple Store. This original App is the key to the customization and operation of your RAMA 16000.

(1) Find Your Vape

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I can't remember how many times the "Find My iPhone" has saved my butt. Nowadays smartphones are more expensive and disposable vapes have higher and higher puff counts. It will drive vapers mad if they lose their disposable vape with more than 20000 puffs. However, RAMA 16000 supports "Find Your Vape" Function. You can track your vape via the Bluetooth.

(2) Display Screen Customization

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Disposable vapes with screens are common now and some of them have animations too, such as Geek Bar Pulse 15000 and RabBeats RC10000 Touch. And they are claimed to be customizable. However, you can only choose from the few animations pre-loaded. On the contrary, RAMA 16000 gives you the full administration of your screen. Just take a photo of nice views, cute pets, or anything you like. Then you can upload it and use it as the wallpaper of your RAMA 16000.

(3) Output Power Adjustment

I bet most of you are pissed off by vapes with so many levels of output but only have one button to adjust. I need to press the button multiple times to switch from the first level to the second. Now you only need to touch the plus and minus symbol on your phone to increase or decrease the output power. It is as easy as pie.


In my opinion, RAMA 16000 is a milestone for disposable vapes and it makes disposable vapes smart again. And now disposable vapes controlled via an App are really smart vapes. May the miracle of Easter bring you joy and I will see you next week.


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