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What's New In Aspire Breeze NXT VS Breeze 2?

We are pleased to see that Aspire has released the Aspire Breeze NXT, which uses mesh coils for extreme cloud production, but Aspire not only improves the advanced technology of pod vaping performance. They also created a device with a new coil replacement system and a new filling method that you absolutely love. The Aspire Breeze NXT is designed for discerning vapers that don't want to compromise.\If you owned the Aspire Breeze 2 now, should you need to have the Aspire Breeze NXT? The answer is "yes". What are the main differences between Aspire Breeze 2 and Breeze NXT?

Aspire Breeze NXT Review

Aspire Breeze NXT Introduction

With thousands of fans around the world, Aspire Breeze and Aspire Breeze 2 have been one of Aspire's most successful products for many years and were once the most popular pod system on the market. The Aspire Breeze NXT is the latest in the Breeze product range. It has a variety of ergonomic and performance improvements and has improved Breeze 2 in several key areas.

What has been improved?

If you get the impression that Breeze NXT is not just a simple iteration of Aspire, then you are completely correct. The Aspire Breeze NXT actually differs from Breeze 2 in that Breeze 2 comes from the original Breeze. Let's discuss the features of the Aspire Breeze NXT in more detail.

1. Improve airflow:

The Aspire adds an adjustable airflow collar to the Breeze 2, but it is not easy to use. To enter the airflow controller, you need to remove the pod and adjust the collar on its underside. This is not very convenient, and the collar is usually wetted by electronic liquids. You won't encounter problems with the Aspire Breeze NXT because air enters from the side of the device. Simply turn the dial to increase or decrease airflow.

2. Easier to replace the coil:

Breeze 2 is a compelling device, but replacing the coil is not easy. The airflow collar is part of the coil assembly, so you must remove and disassemble the assembly to replace the coil. It is easier to replace the coil with the Aspire Breeze NXT. When using the Aspire Breeze 2, you must remove the collar and coil. Replacing the coil with the Aspire Breeze NXT is as simple as removing the pod and pulling the old coil straight out.
Breeze 2 Review

3. Easier filling:

You can fill the Aspire Breeze NXT without removing the pod. Compared to Breeze 2, Breeze NXT also has larger fill holes and stores more electronic liquid. The Aspire Breeze NXT is probably the first pod system that is truly easy to refill. The Aspire Breeze NXT brings the same convenience to the pod system. Simply lift the silicone plug on the side of the pod and add the electronic liquid directly through the fill hole. There is no need to remove the pod for filling, which makes everything more convenient.

4. Improved coil design:

Finally, Aspire added a mesh coil to the Breeze lineup! The vapor cloud generated by the Aspire Breeze NXT is ashamed of other pod systems. It is recommended to use this coil with a low nicotine electronic fluid. Coils are only available for Breeze NXT, while Breeze NXT is not available for the previous generation to Aspire Breeze 2 coils.\Aspire also added the size of the Breeze NXT pod. Although the Breeze 2 pod has a capacity of 3.0 ml, the Breeze NXT pod can hold 5.4 liters of electronic liquid. Despite its high performance, the Aspire Breeze NXT is very simple to use, unlike other pod systems.

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