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  • Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN 8.8ml/2ml
    Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN 8.8ml/2ml
  • Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN 50W kit
    Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN 50W kit
  • Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN 8.8ml
    Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN 8.8ml
  • Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN 2ml
    Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN 2ml
  • joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN 50W
    joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN 50W



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  • Brand: Joyetech
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Product introduction

Atopack Penguin is the newest all-in-one style device released by Joyetech. It comes with 2ml / 8.8ml capacity and built-in battery.


Atomizer Capacity: 8.8ml
Maximum output wattage:50W
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Colors: Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue

Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN comes with

1pc ATOPACK Cartridge 8.8ml
1pc ATOPACK Coil (PG1 0.6ohm)
1pc ATOPACK Coil (PG2 0.25ohm)
1pc QC USB Cable
1pc Warranty Card



1. Innovative and exclusive JVIC system.

Joyetech creatively developed the JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) system for the ATOPACK PENGUIN, using a unique method of vertical juice injection protecting what matters.

Innovative and exclusive JVIC system

2. Pursuing large clouds and original flavor.

Things do not usually flourish in captivity, however the JVIC has a brilliant ceramic cradle which enhances the performance. It takes a horizontal approach in discovering original and clear flavor as well as large clouds.

Joyetech Atopack Penguin Cartridge

3. Penguin-like e-cigarette.

Being stylish in appearance, the ATOPACK PENGUIN was inspired from the Antarctic penguin. It is simple, cool and smooth to hold.

white Joyetech Atopack Penguin

4. 2A quick charge.

The ATOPACK PENGUIN has 2.0A maximum charging current with which it can get fully charged more quickly than normal ones when using with the Avatar quick charger (sell separately).

2A quick charge of Atopack Penguin

5. Eco-friendly, for health and environment.

The ATOPACK cartridge was made mainly from two kinds of materials: PETG and silicon, which are healthy, heat resistant and recyclable.

Eco-friendly ATOPACK Eco-friendly, for health and environment.

6. 8.8ml e-liquid capacity for earthy enjoyment.

The ATOPACK cartridge forms an refillable structure and has a 8.8ml huge e-liquid capacity which offers you a total enjoyment.Also, we have 2.0ml version for our European fans in accordance with the TPD regulations.

ATOPACK PENGUIN with good capacity

7. Choose your color.

Available in multiple attractive colors, the ATOPACK PENGUIN makes your daily vaping interesting and colorful.


8. Battery life indication.

The indicator light will show the battery life by display the number of lights as follows.

Battery life indicationpowerful ATOPACK PENGUIN

9. Charging.

The ATOPACK PENGUIN adopts new equalizing charge system which supports quick charge capability with max charging current up to 2.0A. You can also take out the cells and charge them in a stand alone charger.



3 Months for Battery/ Mod. Atomizer & Accessories are DOA (Dead On Arrival), please contact us within 72 hours of delivery.

ordering tips


Simple paper box. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Good starter kit. Recommended.
Balázs 12/3/2017
Excellent choice
This is a well made starter kit, awesome for someone who wants to quit.
GabrielSero 11/23/2017
Very Good!
Filis 9/14/2017
Flavor and Vapor Beast!!!
Pros: I won this in a contest from Vape Sourcing and I am in love! I didn't expect it to be my favorite vaping device, boy has it changed my mind. I thought in order to get great flavor and vapor I had to have a $100 mod and a tank with air flow and special designed coils with the chance of leaking being a constant worry--this has changed everything for me. The flavor is amazing and the clouds are huge! I am buying another right away just as a back up. I do suggest you go ahead and buy a couple of the auto packs for different flavors to keep on hand.
Cons: It can leak a little around the coil. I just check it often and use a paper towel to absorb the tiny amount you see around where the coils is inserted. There is no window to see juice level in the one I have, however, there is a newer version that has a window. This is a subjective con: No air flow control. I really don't mind, the draw is comfortable and perfect just as it is, to me anyway. Fixed drip tip, (non removable), this also does not bother me at all, the tip is perfect for me.

All in all, I have a wonderful vaping experience with the Penguin. For the great low price, go ahead and grab one. Even if you use it only for your on-the-go back up, it will never let you down. I love mine!
Jacob Hurdle 8/2/2017
Прекрасный набор для новичка, и не только для новичка.
Спасибо за отличный подарок
A great kit for a beginner, and not just for a beginner.
Thanks for the great gift
Maksim 7/23/2017
Great vape little beast
I won this in a giveaway from and thought it would be a cute little decoration but Not a good vape as i use a cloud beast King as main vape. By the way i got great Support from here cause there was delivery Problems caused through DHL...
Well as i got it i thought give him a Chance and I was Not disappointed! It comes with a dtl subohm coil and a mtl coil. I used the dtl coil and filled it with my favoured liquid cold blooded from pure evil.
I was really amazed from this little, Not able to fly bird! It makes a dense and well temperated dense vape with rich flavour! Tastes great for this little thingy! As i use it for bout a week i had Not to change coil though i vaped really much with it! Its leaking proof Design works fine! Only little disappointment for me is the small battery it doesnt get me through the Day but i am vaping pretty much as former smoker but all in all a great little bird which captured my heart!
Dominik 7/9/2017
Cute device that really delivers
When I was looking for a new set up, because my old one was wearing out I wasn't expecting to have the manager of the store suggest the Penguin. At first it looked like it wouldn't handle my heavy vaping, but man am I surprised!

Amazing flavour, love the large 8mL cartridge. It's easy to use (no more remembering to lock the buttons so I don't turn down/up the watts), and adorable.

There are some cons:
Cartridge can be a bit of a pain to refill, my fingers are numb due to chronic illness so I end up having to gently pop the coil out with something. Also it can be a bit messy, the bottle I have is too large for the unicorn spout to accurately aim for the fill hole and so I end up taking the silicone out, which means touching the ejuice that has set into it. Paper towel does the trick though!
Also with no view window to see how much juice is left one must quickly pop the cartridge out, would be nice not to have to do that.

Simple set up for both new and long time users. No worry about setting the right wattage, small (fits in women's pockets!), Super light weight. It charges incredibly fast, and the flavour is amazing! The ability to buy additional cartridges to have different juices without mixing into your coil is great for when you want to change up flavours. The micro USB slot makes it easy to charge. Despite the plastic looking not that tough it really is, my German Shepherd knocked it out of my hand onto the sidewalk and there wasn't even a scratch!

Produces great clouds and the coil really lasts.
Kay 6/24/2017
Good discrete/on the go device
I've had this device for about a week and am thoroughly enjoying it. The batter last a good while even with the .25ohm coils and the 8.8ml capacity is great. It is my new favorite device to take to work because of how light in the pocket it is. I am ordering a second on to give to my boss who wants to switch from smoking to vaping.
Brown 6/15/2017
Penguin allinone
I realy love my penguin, i normally use RTA's on boxmod's and RDA's on mech mods and i am a real flavour chaser.
First time i used my new penguin i was realy amazed by the qaulity of the vape, Nice clouds and flavour on the DL-coil. ok its not the vape i get from RDA's but its a nice vape. Easy to use and batterylife isnt bad either. I find myself picking up the penguin when i go out more often every day

Sil 6/4/2017
This silly little thing is AMAZING
Decent battery life, smooth and fits good in hand or pocket, awesome flavor from .2ohm coil, decent air flow, basically leakproof (and fool proof if you're a new vaper).
I'm a rba guy. All my tanks have rebuildable decks, and I am amazed at how much I dig this thing! They got a winner.
Thangfish 5/19/2017
I was looking for a simple setup, I've been vaping for about 3 years so I have tried many different setups. This system is very sturdy and put out great flavor and a great cloud. I wanted something basic, no guesswork in what temps/settings to select, this is perfect you just fill it up and turn it on. It's still new, so I don't know the life of this setup, I hope it lasts. But for the price you can't beat it.
LeahJack 5/13/2017
Clearly we have a winner here. That 8ml tank just hits the spot I was missing for long time. Wonder if delivers nice MTLs and full day battery life? Would love to have one for sure.
Vlad 5/1/2017
Good kit
Wonderful unique design, I need this to my collection.
Clayton 4/24/2017
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