KK Energy

KK ENERGY Vape is one of the best rechargeable disposable vapes in the world. It not only provides high-quality and delicious flavors (there are 17 flavors at present) but also solves the long-term use problem of disposable e-cigarettes by charging the battery of disposable e-cigarettes, which is easy for customers.

Every KK ENERGY Vape is rigorously tested to ensure that all devices meet the advertised puff count and have consistent longevity and high flavor performance. The price will also have an advantage over the market for the same parameters.

Quality, taste and longevity are the brand values that KK ENERGY Vape has been pursuing.

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  1. KK Energy
Puffs Range
  1. 7000-10000puffs
  2. 10000-15000puffs
Nicotine Strength
  1. 30-50mg
  1. Rechargeable
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