As a well-known electronic cigarette manufacturer, SMOK has been devoting to offer the most innovative vape kits to vapers at home and abroad. There are a lot of popular series under SMOK and the vape Mag series is one of the best selling products lineup. SMOK Mag is the first product of the Mag series, which opens the era of ergonomically designed handheld mod. The Mag series designs are meant to resemble the handle of a gun. All their fire buttons look like a trigger, and the battery trays pop out of the bottom like a gun’s magazine. After the SMOK Mag Kit, there are a lot of other similar vape devices come out, such as SMOK Mag Grip, SMOK Mag Baby, SMOK Mag P3, SMOK Mag Pod and the latest SMOK Mag P3 Mini. From the moment you first saw the vape Mag series, it’s believed that you will fall in love with them.
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