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Trends 5 Best Vapesourcing Pod Kits of 2023

For the past 5 years, pod vapes have become more popular among the vaping community, and there are several reasons behind this. The important reason for that is the looks of the pod; pods are the sleekest and smallest devices on the market now. Another main reason for the instant growth is that the manufacturers developed the latest pod vaping technology. These are the best pod for beginners to start with, as it is also very good for the experiences of vapers. In this article, we will discuss different kinds of pod vapes and their working process.

Why should you use pod vapes and different types of pod vapes?

Pod vapes are very much friendly for the initial stage of vaping for those who are bigger in vaping as it is very simple to replace the coil and to fill the pod vape than filling any sub-monk tank. Also, the pod will drop simply into the tank, so there is no worry of cross-threading. It is very simple to use for beginners and has a very simple interface, making this very handy and stylish. Pod vapes have been in the community for a while now as some of the old vapers as using these pods for a while now, but they don't change to any other vape; instead, they look for more powerful pod modes. Let's look at some different pods that are very popular in the day market. 


1. SMOK Novo X

SMOK Novo X comes with a 3-month guarantee on vape mode. It comes with an 800mah built-in battery and max power of 25 watts. This is a new addition to the NOVO series. It has an improved adjustment button of single power better than the last control panel.


2. Uwell Caliburn

Uwell Caliburn is the latest version of the prime series of KOKO, which has an output of max 18w and an integrated battery of 690 mAh with an LED indicator. It has a very catchy and outstanding exterior in the cyberpunk theme. It has an intersection that has dynamic vibration.


3. SMOK Nord 5

SMOK Nord 5 has a 0.15 ohm with 3RPM meshed coil preinstalled in the pod. It has an 80 w output range with a 2000mAh battery. It has an OLED screen of 0.69 inches. The coil's low resistance and the pod's meshed structure make it perfect for DL vaping and reduce refueling.


4. Suorin Air Pro

The lightweight and sleek design of the Suorin Air Pro makes it a perfect pod for the bigger. It has a 930 mAh battery with USB charging and a battery indicator. 


5. Uwell Caliburn GK2

Uwell Caliburn GK2 has a mechanism of dual during which is button activated and draw activated. It has a 520 mAh removable battery, which is a rechargeable battery. 


So while choosing any vape, whether you are trying it for the first time or you are an experienced vaper, you can consider the above products by Vape Sourcing which will give a unique experience of vaping. You can choose between the open pod, which has an open kit in which you can put different flavours, whichever you like, or the closed pod, which comes with the e-liquid of nicotine.

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