Trends VOOPOO Argus XT & MT Kit Review

VOOPOO Argus XT & MT are the latest entries into the impressive Argus family. A line that is often found in our best robust vape mods category.

They both come with the signature IP68 rating, making them waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

Argus XT utilizes a replaceable 21700 battery, while the MT variant has an inbuilt 3000mAh battery. Both are capable of 100W power output.

The devices come paired with VOOPOO’s new improved MAAT tank, which has a 6.5ml capacity and uses upgraded TPP “Dual In One tech 2.0” mesh coils.

VOOPOO Argus XT kit is available in five colors: Dark Blue, Graphite, Silver Grey, Carbon Fiber, and Lime Green.

VOOPOO Argus XT MT Review

Design & Style

We will primarily cover the XT version in this review, as both mods are practically the same. The significant difference is XT’s replaceable battery vs. MT’s internal battery.

Argus MT is a little smaller due to its internal battery, and its designated ‘QS locking’ switch is located in a different place. However, they have the same features, functionality, and design aesthetic.

Argus XT MT Review QS Locking Switch

Both mods also have an IP68 rating, so they are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

Argus XT is very comfortable in the hand, and the leather or pleather stitched back section gives ample padding.

It’s also reasonably lightweight for a large mod due to its zinc alloy frame. However, once you place a 21700 battery inside, that does add significant weight.

Aesthetically both mods follow the undeniable design of previous Argus devices. I’m a big fan of our white MT version, and it’s a shame the XT doesn’t come in the same color. Although I do also like the lime green color scheme on Argus XT.

Argus XT MT Review Color

On the front of Argus XT, you have a large 80 x 32mm color panel, which is plenty bright and displays all the necessary vape data.

There’s an +/- rocking button beneath it and the nice angled and protruding fire button above. All the controls are responsive and clicky.

Argus XT MT Review Mod

On top of the mod, VOOPOO has followed the trend of including a designated locking switch. It’s called the ‘QS lock’; it has three positions, active, off, and button lock. It works well, and it’s always nice to have a designated locking switch on such a mod.

Underneath the screen and buttons, you have the USB Type C port. It comes with an interesting cover that flips open. It is designed to keep the mod fully IP68 protected.

Argus XT MT Review Type C Port

It’s worth noting that on our review samples, there is a little rattle from this cover on both devices. It’s only when you really shake the mod, and I’m sure it’s something that VOOPOO will iron out in full production.

Finally, on the base of Argus XT device is the battery door. It’s a familiar design and easily opens and closes by sliding the designated switch. There are also seals around the inside of the door to keep that IP rating.

Overall both Argus XT and MT have an exceptional build quality that we’ve come to expect from VOOPOO. They look good and certainly feel secure and robust.


Argus XT and MT are both powered by VOOPOO GENE.TT 2.0 chipset and they have a maximum power output of 100W.

Argus MT comes with an internal 3000mAh battery. While Argus XT can utilize either 21700 or 18650 (with the provided adapter) batteries.

The devices have many features with Smart, RBA, TC (Ni, SS, Ti), and Turbo modes. The Smart mode will recognize the attached coil and set the best wattage (with limitation). While RBA mode will allow full adjustable wattage.

The Turbo mode is a new feature that claims to increase vapor volume by 25% in the 1st second.

These are modes we have seen before in Argus devices, and they all work well.

Argus XT MT Review Modes Screen

Both devices feature a color TFT display that’s clean and bright. It displays battery status, the mode selected, ohm load, voltage, puff duration, and the power level in bold print.

Operating both Argus XT & MT is very easy with the following settings:

On/Off – Five clicks of the fire button.

Lock device – Toggle the QS Lock to desired settings. Left locks all buttons, right locks adjustment buttons.

Unlock device – Toggle the QS Lock to the center.

Access Menu – Press +/- buttons simultaneously.

Select Mode – In the menu, navigate using the +/- buttons to select mode. (There are other options in the menu in ‘settings’ to adjust the screen brightness, display time, etc.)

Clear Puff Count – Press the fire and – buttons simultaneously. It can also be reset in the menu.

Both devices feature USB-C fast charging with a 3A charging rate. There is a USB C cable included in the kit, but no fast charger.

MAAT Tank New

As you may have guessed, MAAT Tank New is a new version of the impressive MAAT tank.

It comes included with both devices and features a 6.5ml juice capacity (2ml in TPD areas).

Argus XT MT Review MAAT Tank New

The glass chamber of the tank is a bubble tank style, and there’s a spare glass included in the kit.

The tank features a top-fill method with a removable top cap, which is a quarter-turn bayonet style. There is substantial knurling around the top cap, so it’s easy to remove. There is a silicon seal inside the top of the tank with two holes; a fill hole and an air hole. It’s easy to refill with minimal mess.

Argus XT MT Review Spare Glass

The tank has a new adjustable airflow design. It’s dual-sided airflow, and adjusting it is done through large vertical sliders on the tank.

The MAAT can produce a very open DTL airflow with the airflow wide open. This is because the opening of the tank goes up to 10mm wide.

The tank has been redesigned to work with VOOPOO’s updated TPP mesh coils. This has led to them redesigning the bottom section.

It now features a ‘volcanic crater design’ which prevents leaking and channels any condensation into the bottom of the chamber. It seems to work well, as I’ve had no issues with leaking or condensation build-up in my time testing the tanks.

TPP Coils

Argus XT comes with two updated mesh TPP coils in the kit:

TPP DM1 Coil 0.15Ω (60-80W) – Best 65-70W

TPP DM2 Coil 0.2Ω (40-60W) – Best 50-55W

The Argus XT comes with slightly different coil resistances:

TPP DM2 Coil 0.2Ω (40-60W) – Best 50-55W

TPP-DM4 Coil 0.3Ω (32-40W) – Best 35-38W

The coils are push-fit style and are easy to install and remove from the MAAT tank.

Argus XT MT Review Push Fit TPP Coils


The performance of the Argus devices is identical, with the only difference being the MT’s battery life.

Argus MT will naturally drain faster than an external 21700 and is best to keep to medium wattages. This is why it comes with a 0.2Ω and 0.3Ω coil.

Argus XT and MT fire instantly, and adjusting power seems to be on point. I typically use them in RBA mode so I can play around with full-wattage settings when testing. However, the Smart mode is ideal for most users and scenarios.

I tried the Turbo mode on all the coils, and honestly, I didn’t notice too much of a difference in performance.

I’m really impressed with the new MAAT tank. It delivers incredibly smooth airflow (although it can be on the slightly noisy side when it’s wide open).

The new updated TPP coils are also fantastic. All of them deliver exceptional flavor and stay true to their resistance.

Argus XT MT Review Performance

I used both 0.15Ω and 0.2Ω coils extensively in Argus XT. The lower resistance of 0.15Ω edges it for flavor and vapor production, but it’s minimal.

VOOPOO’s best ratings seem to be suitable for the coils, as I found 70W was my sweet spot for the 0.15Ω coil, and 52W for 0.2Ω.

Argus MT works just as well with the 0.2Ω coil, as you’d expect. However, I preferred my time with the 0.3Ω as it was far more efficient on the internal battery.

The 0.3Ω still delivers excellent flavor. However, it’s a slightly cooler vape and a little more of a restricted draw.

Charging both devices is pretty fast, but only if you have a 5V/3A charger to hand. Otherwise, it’s a pretty slow process. As always, I would recommend that you charge your batteries externally from the device with Argus XT.

Argus XT MT Review Battery


+   Excellent build quality

+   Robust design

+   IP68 rating

+   Designated lock switch

+   Good power modes

+   Good coil options

+   Fantastic flavor from all coils

+   6.5ml juice capacity

+   No leaking from coils

+   3A fast charging


-   Rattle from USB port cover

-   Slight gap between the mod and tank

Final Review Verdict

Argus XT and MT are excellent sub-ohm kits.

They follow on with the Argus signature of robust but good-looking and easy-to-use devices. I also really like the inclusion of the ‘QS lock’ on both devices and faster-charging speeds.

The real upgrade here over previous Argus devices is with the new MAAT tank and updated TPP coils.

They deliver exceptional flavor for stock coils, with plenty of resistance options. The tank is also easy to use, has a good juice capacity, and provides a satisfying smooth airflow.

If you are in the market for a sub-ohm kit, both Argus XT and MT would be excellent choices – depending on whether you want an internal or external battery.

Argus XT MT Review


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