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What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD oil is becoming as mainstream as a Big Mac at McDonald’s; you can purchase it from many places. Nonetheless, seeing CBD on a label doesn’t always mean much. You should know what CBD category is in the product and the correct dosage to ensure you enjoy maximum benefits. There are three primary CBD types: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

This article will discuss CBD Isolate and its benefits.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. The method to find CBD isolate follows the same path as full-spectrum CBD, but there are some additional steps to isolate the CBD from the rest of the hemp plant.

Once the producer has extracted the CBD after decarboxylation has finished, the CBD isolate goes through distillation. The method of distillation varies—but CBD distillation isn’t dissimilar from alcohol distillation.

After distillation, only a white powder made from 99% CBD will remain. The other 1% is plant matter that the producer couldn’t remove. The final product comes in crystal form, or producers use it to create vape juice, tinctures, and various CBD-isolate products.

You can use CBD isolate in the same way you’d consume CBD oil tincture. CBD isolate includes a crystalline powder form that producers may use as an additive in food, drink, vape juice, and topical creams. However, remember that CBD isolate includes 99% or more CBD, so one gram of CBD isolate will contain around 990mg of CBD. Ensure you properly dilute CBD isolate to get the correct dosage.

The Main Benefits of CBD isolate

CBD isolate is the purest CBD form, so it’s excellent for beginners who want to experience various CBD health benefits. A 2015 animal study found that while CBD isolate is excellent for providing health benefits, the benefits are less notable than when you use a full-spectrum CBD product.

The study also found that you can only notice pain reduction effects after a specific dose. Therefore, many people who use CBD isolate products use higher doses to achieve more significant effects. Again, a huge benefit of CBD isolate is there’s no THC in the product, so it shouldn’t show on drug tests.

Common CBD isolate benefits include

Anxiety relief

Pain relief

Inflammation reduction

Reduction in cancer symptoms

Muscle spasm relief

Treatment for psychotic disorders

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