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Health Vape Vitamin Vapor Disposable Kit With Energy

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4.8 star rating
Health Vape Vitamin Vapor Disposable Kit With Energy

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Health Vape Vitamin Vapor

  • Brand: Health Vape
  • Unit: set
  • Type: Disposable Vape
  • Net Weight: 60(g)
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    Health Vape Vitamin Vapor Kit INTRODUCTION

    Energy Health VAPE Vitamin Vapor kit is an evaporation product that contains necessary vitamins and mixtures that promote energy components. It provides a smooth and satisfactory evaporation experience without any serious throat hits. This kit contains essential vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin C, which is important for maintaining overall health and health. EAST Health VAPE Vitamin Steaming Performances can provide about 500 kinds of vapor steams, making it a convenient method to supplement vitamin intake and improve your energy level.


    ENERGY - Orange citrus-flavored combo of energizing ingredients

    BOOST - A berry and mint-flavored combination of B vitamins and more

    VITAL - Lemon citrus-flavored Replenishes essential vitamins

    RESTORE - Lavender flavored de-stress and rejuvenate

    SOOTHE - Peppermint flavored ingredients for rest and sleep


    • Unique Disposable Vitamin Inhaler

    • Instant Results To Enjoy Supplements

    • Never Contain Any Nicotine, Tobacco, THC, Or Cannabinoids

    • Low Power Demand

    • Vitamin-infused Concentrates

    Health Vape Vitamin Vapor Kit SPECIFICATION

    RESTORE - Rejuvenate


    Collagen (156.8 mg) - For skin, hair and nails, looking younger, pain reduction

    L-Carnitine (3.136 mg) - For boosting the brain, and healthy aging

    Glutathione (1.4112 mg) - For cleansing the body, and reducing wrinkles

    b-Ionone (1.2544 mg) - For its power as an antioxidant

    Geranium (2.352 mg) - For fortifying the body


    Lavender - Relaxing, can improve skin woes

    Orange - Calming, pain-reducing, antioxidant properties

    Cassia - Rejuvenating, immune-boosting, strengthens hair, tightens skin

    CHILL - Relax


    Chamomile (157mg) - For calming anxiety and aiding digestion

    Valerian Root (157mg) - For promoting relaxation and easing worry

    L-Theanine (157mcg) - For reducing stress and providing mental clarity

    Passionflower (157mg) - For anxiety and stress relief


    Lavender - Relaxing, can reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia

    Orange - Uplifting, calms the mind

    Cassia - Soothing, helps with mood

    ranium - Floral and calming, natural happiness booster

    VITAL - Immune


    Co-Enzyme Q10 (157mg) - For detoxifying, energy, and disease prevention

    Vitamin B12 (11mcg) - For optimizing brain and nervous system function, aiding weight loss

    Vitamin C (95mg) - For boosting immunity, antioxidant properties, mental stamina

    Vitamin D3 (16mcg) - For heart, bone, and muscle support, and improving mood

    Vitamin A (12mcg) - For vision and immune support, organ health


    Lime - Invigorating, restores energy, fights infection, reduces signs of aging

    Peppermint - Stimulating, reduces inflammation, pain relief, mental clarity

    BOOST - Focus


    Vitamin B12 (12mcg) - For energy, focus and memory, optimizing brain and nervous system

    Vitamin B6 (3mg) - For immune support, and a serotonin and metabolism boost

    Vegan-Friendly Taurine (1.57mg) - For the heart and brain, improving performance and calming the mind

    L-Lysine (157 mcg) - For reducing anxiety, producing antibodies and protein hormones

    L-Theanine (157mcg) - For easing stress, promoting focus and wakeful relaxation


    Wild Berry - Fruity and delicious, supplies vitamin C and antioxidants for immunity

    Mint - Fresh and energizing, eases depression and provides mental clarity

    ENERGY - Caffeine


    Caffeine (96mcg) - For improved brain function and reduced fatigue

    Vitamin B12 (12mcg) - For improving energy production, boosting mood and heart wellness

    L-Theanine (157mcg) - For feeling more rested and focused

    L-Carvone (157mcg) - For circulation, stimulant properties, and stress relief


    Lemon - Cheerful, reduces exhaustion, helps with depression and reduces inflammation

    Cassia - Light and sweet, stimulates the brain to be more alert

    Orange - Refreshing, boosts exercise performance

    SOOTHE - Melatonin

    Ingredients: Melatonin, Passionflower, Chamomile, Valerian Root, L-Theanine

    Natural Flavors: Peppermint, Mandarin Orange, Cassia

    Health Vape Vitamin Vapor Kit PACKAGE LIST

    1 x Health Vape Vitamin Vapor Kit

Health Vape Vitamin VaporHealth Vape Vitamin Vapor CheapHealth Vape Vitamin Vapor Cost

    Health Vape Vitamin Vapor Kit PRODUCT TEXTING


    3 Months for Vape Mods. Vape Tanks & Accessories are DOA(Dead On Arrival), please contact us within 72 hours of delivery.


    Attention: As the manufacturer needs the serial number to provide a replacement, we highly recommend you keep the original packing box or take picture of the code before discarding it. Thank you!

Based on 10 Reviews
Reviews (10)
roy S.
4 star rating
Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this Vitamin Vapor to any cbd Disposable enthusiasts out there!
03/21/2023 ( 0 )
5 star rating
Health Vape Vitamin Vapor is slim and compact, easy to carry.
12/11/2022 ( 0 )
4 star rating
With its low power demand, it has a big effect on avoiding overheating the material many large devices can.
09/18/2022 ( 0 )
Michael P.
5 star rating
Love this vape pen. Very well designed. I always buy the best. This is my second and still very satisfied.
05/09/2022 ( 0 )
Valentino D
5 star rating
Very nice to use, I love this I order again.
04/06/2022 ( 0 )
Karen H.
5 star rating
Thank you for this great delivery system. Simply brilliant!
02/16/2022 ( 0 )
Rebecca J.
5 star rating
This is so nice too, it's like the eyebrow pencil I use, it's very slim, it's easy to carry around on the go, it's also delicious and supposedly not harmful to the body, I just love it!!!
12/16/2021 ( 0 )
5 star rating
Very enjoyable to use, Energy is my favorite flavor.
12/12/2021 ( 0 )
5 star rating
It does not contain any harmful ingredients, sugars, and even calories.
11/24/2021 ( 0 )
5 star rating
Exceptionally fine, just like a real cigarette, a great experience.
11/16/2021 ( 0 )

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