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How To Choose A Mod, 6 Points You Need To Be Careful
Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about that you are most concerned about the choice of a mod. If have any extra ideas please let us know lol. 1.Power , in fact, for the "power" the concept of shorts began a trouble, and later into the DNA200 series after the real really aware of the "power" concept. eleaf istick pico resin with melo iii mini mod 2.Button texture, press this piece as a vaper every day to contact the place, this piece of work really can not fall. My DX200 was broken, but fortunately there is a repair. Requirements: key does not shake, key way moderate, the key rebound strong. 3: The surface material, shorts on the individual, like the heavier mod, a little bit weight, in his hand was practical. Which Tesla NANO60W quite satisfied with me, I feel this little thing is still a little weight, the surface coating is also very comfortable. Requirements: a little weight, steel is better than plastic . Eleaf iStick Pico 25 85W Box Mod 5: Battery mode, although the shorts on the use of built-in battery (model aircraft battery) or use dual 18650 no requirement, But after my friends are long-term contrast, built-in battery box and the use of dual 18650 in the life, double 18650 obvious advantages. Requirements: use double electricity or try to double electric. 6: Three wire temperature control, three wire which are NI200, TI silk, 316SS three temperature control wire, and now almost three temperature control is the main ~ Although some of the mod's temperature control really suck, but better than nothing is not always a try. Well ~ Requirements: at least three wire temperature control . Smok Alien Kit All right guys, do you have any suggestion for that, if so, we'd like to hear your feedback lol. That's all for today, thank for reading. And I will recommend you a lot of top mods for you:baby alien mod, wismec reuleaux rx2/3 mod and eleaf istick pico mod.

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