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How Many Types Of Electronic Cigarettes?
Electronic cigarette industry, the rise of irresistible force, just in these few years, Electronic cigarette brand has been numerous. People need a clearer understanding of electronic cigarettes can be selected to their own high-quality electronic cigarette. According to the network statistics, here we introduce the classification of Electronic cigarettes. Sort by charging method 1. Can not be charge repeatable: disposable E-cigarettes. disposable E-cigarettes 2. Two-stage direct charge can be recharged electronic cigarette: the battery is designed as a component with the nicotine solution containing the atomizer, evaporator direct charge supporting components. (The market is mostly such a design pattern). 3. Portable charging electronic cigarette: the battery is designed as a component with the nicotine solution containing the smoke pipe, evaporation device mobile charging device (similar to the Power bank). 4. Wireless charging electronic cigarette: the current wireless charging technology is not perfect, most of the strength of the electronic cigarette research and development team have this project, which is the future development trend of electronic cigarette. According to the formation of electronic cigarette classification: 1. Looks like real Tobacco cigarettes: the size of cigarettes, the appearance of the same smoke with cigarettes, smoking cigarettes when the bright side of the same effect. 2. Pipe electronic cigarette: shape like a pipe of electronic cigarette. Pipe electronic cigarette 3. Flat mouth electronic cigarette: cigarette holder is plastic flat mouth. 4. Mini electronic cigarette: the shape is more like the size of cigarettes. 5. LADYS e-cigarette: very fine, much like a woman's cigarettes. 6. EGO electronic cigarette: the shape is relatively large. 7. VGO electronic cigarette: the use of cartmizer shape larger EGO. 8. Mechanical electronic cigarette: Compared with other types of electronic cigarettes, mechanical electronic cigarette no circuit board, which is entirely dependent on the principle of mechanical current to the atomizer side, the battery capacity is generally large, and can be replaced. Mechanical electronic cigarette 9. High-power electronic cigarette: you can adjust the number of electronic cigarettes, bringing the thrill of large smoke. Is currently on the market the most popular electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette brands so far, electronic cigarette brand in the domestic and foreign markets have begun to show a flourishing or a dazzling situation. With the implementation of global tobacco control measures and people's pursuit of the concept of healthy living, electronic cigarette has become a trend of the current popular.

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