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Types of Wires for Vape
Resistance heating wire uses electrical resistance to generate heat from electric current. It is used in many electric devices that generate heat, such as heaters, stoves, hair dryers, radiant floor mats, toasters and electric water heaters. For the atomizer, what kind of the heating wire is best for Vape? Kanthal wire is extremely durable. You can often dry burn and re-wick a plain Kanthal coil many times before you'll need to replace the wire. Plain Kanthal coils are also the easiest to make. Once you gain experience, you can build a plain Kanthal RBA coil from scratch in only a couple of minutes. Because plain Kanthal coils don't have tiny nooks where unvaporized e-liquid can hide, they don't develop gunk as quickly as some other coils. Named for the famous musician, Clapton wire is very much like a guitar string in that it consists of a smaller diameter wire tightly wrapped around a larger diameter wire. The wrapped wire has the same resistance as a single wire with the same gauge and length, but it has far greater surface area. Although it's possible to make Clapton wire using different types of wire for the core and outer wraps, most Clapton configurations use Kanthal wire alone. geekvape clapton ss316 If you like Kanthal wire and want to play with a coil build that gives you increased surface area - but Clapton coils aren't doing it for you - give flat Kanthal wire a try instead. As you might suspect from the name, flat Kanthal wire has an appearance similar to that of ribbon. When you wrap a coil with flat Kanthal wire, more of the coil's surface area will draw e-liquid from the wick - and you'll get more vapor. In addition, many people find it easy to wrap coils with flat Kanthal wire because the ribbon shape makes turning the wire around a drill bit or coil jig easier. LTQ Vapor Demon Killer Alien Wire You can find just about as many methods for twisting Kanthal and other wires as there are vape enthusiasts on YouTube. Some of the unique twists that we've discovered include hive coils, staple coils, caterpillar track coils, alien coils, Area 51 coils, zipper coils, helix coils, tiger coils, and many more. As with Clapton coils, the point of braiding or twisting a coil is to create additional surface area for vaporizing while simultaneously creating channels for e-liquid that enhance the effectiveness of the wick. It's all about enhancing flavor and vapor production - but elaborate RBA coils have also become something of an art form. People love to share their designs and compete with one another.

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