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The Review of Eleaf iStick Pico Dual
Eleaf products are more affordable, I am impressed of the Wisdom and iStick pico, wisdom in the early product of electronic cigarettes is the cheapest mini toy, Pico is also a small single power mod, Experienced last year's various types of explosive products washed, Eleaf Pico also carried out some shape and power changes to enhance, became a "little fat" - Pico Dual. Pico Dual is a chunky mod, size are 46mm * 44mm * 75mm, the size of the triangle to grasp the way will be more smoothly, from the overall appearance is more like two Pico binary, the parameters from the single 75w upgrade to Double electric 200w, also with the MELO III Mini atomizer as a suit. Compared to Pico, it supports the atomizer interface diameter from 22mm to 25mm, but in the up to 24mm of the atomizer will highlight the top of the point. 510 interface design protrusion to reduce the wear of the paint, and there are four intake slots to prevent the atomizer screwed to death. Unlike the Pico, the raised part is no longer the battery-mounted cover, from the top to the bottom. Pico Dual review Fire button size has increased, but slightly loose so that sometimes tap no response. As the screen size is kind of small, the initial screen parameters for the power priority mode, through the "+" and the fire button can be adjusted to other display, a total power priority, voltage power, time and puff four models, How to clear the number of puff and time time mode, temporarily, we don't known, the instructions did not mentioned. The bottom of the flip in the battery will not be more loosely installed, install the battery after the flip cover in the need for hard. Cover the front of the 10 cooling holes, the opposite did not pass, think about it should be positive and negative copper heat. Inside the bottom of the warehouse and flip the opposite side are positive and negative logo, easy to install the battery correctly. Eleaf iStick Pico Dual review All in all. The compatible atomizer's diameter increases, but the protruding part also affects the appearance, with the reverse charging accessories to make people shines, as a temporary solution to the charging problem is a good bright spot exists, but the current fluctuations have a greater stability Test, output in my brief test that feel quite satisfactory, but with a warm-up mode also allows users to experience a different kind of taste.

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