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For Businessmen - SMOK NOVO Pod System Kit
For people who have not been able to fully accept or adapt to the electronic cigarette,  when we use high-power equipment to smoke when we go out, the big smoke will affect the surrounding passers-by, and it will be rejected by passers-by with eyes or evasive movements. I think this is something that many players have encountered more or less, so players often prefer to go out with a pod system device. So here is the fourth pod system called SMOK NOVO Pod System kit. The connection between the cartridge and the mainframe adopts a physical snapping method, which is relatively tight, the inside is contacted by the self-adapting electrode needle and the cartridge, the groove is deep, so the gap is not obvious, and there is no obvious loosening off condition. The USB interface is located in the middle of the left side of the body, and the bottom is round and smooth. Therefore, it cannot support standing. cheap SMOK NOVO kit Compared to most pod systems of the same type, the cartridge's workmanship is better. Black matt material is very thick, and it features 2ml capacity and supports refilling e-juice. When you open the rubber plug on the side of the refilling port, you can inject the desired flavor of the e-juice to the inside. The refilling port is relatively large, and the general e-juice bottle can be directly inserted into it. The internal structure is sealed to increase product reliability. The drip adopts the (duck-mouth) invisible form, and the principle is that the center coil absorbs the e-juice on both sides of the tank and conducts smoke through the air passage. If you look closely, you will find that the airway design component is a body airway that can disperse condensation and diffuse smoke. After using, it was found that smok NOVO's MTL experience is a relatively high-ranking one among the pod system I used. The suction resistance is relatively tight and the smoke feeling is very close to real smoking. Really recommended. Other pod system kits like: Blue White Wismec HiFlask Kit Black Joyetech Teros Kit Other pod system review: A Perfect Device - Justfog C601 Pod System Kit

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