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What Is Sub Ohm Vaping? Some Tips For You!
Simply speaking, sub ohm vape is an atomizer, but the resistance of its atomizer coil is less than 1 ohm. Some advanced vapers "sub-ohm" are made from increased power output from fixed voltage devices such as mechanical vape mods and non-variable adjustable devices to produce more steam or flavor. Although it sounds simple, it is actually a complex and often controversial topic.

1. Is Sub Ohm Vaping Right For You?

It is likely to be, however, it is not for everyone. Before you start using vaping, please consider the following. Most sub-ohm vapers are quite dedicated and experienced. It takes a certain amount of risk and therefore needs to do so diligently and carefully and safely. Do not use ohms if any of the above sounds may sound bad for you or if you think you can't follow the safety rules. Recommend you a new Freemax Tank-Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank. An upgraded version of Fireluke M, available in metal and graffiti, accommodating 5ml of e-juice, patented sliding open top e-juice refill design, simple sliding lid on the top, you can easily fill e-juice. The Fireluke 2 is equipped with 5 new replacement coil heads made of new organic cotton and mesh material made from 90% tea fiber cotton and 10% organic cotton to provide 100% natural flavor.
Fireluke 2 Sub Ohm Tank

2. How does Sub Ohm Vaping Work?

Sub Ohm vaping uses the laws of Ohm and Joule. For our purposes, this means that when you reduce the resistance ohms of the coil, a non-variable voltage source (such as a battery in a mechanical vape mod) will increase the total power output wattage of the device. It is essential that sub-ohmic atomization must be performed safely. Therefore, you must ensure that the battery's current limit is never exceeded, as this may result in a fire or explosion. Use the SMOK MAG Grip Mod with your sub ohm tank now! With the design inspiration of the pistol, Mag Grip is a pleasant move. For safety reasons, we recommend using an external battery charger. We also recommend that you equip the Mag with two batteries so that you can enjoy the lock and load the battery. Like all SMOK products, there is a complete set of protection features that make it an awesome all-rounder.
Mag Grip 100W

3. Is Sub Ohm Vaping dangerous?

Is sub ohm vaping dangerous? The honest answer is yes and no. Sub ohm vaping is very safe when following some basic security rules. If you do not follow these safety rules, your battery or equipment may cause personal injury or property damage due to malfunction.

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