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How to Hide Vape Smell in 8 Ways

Vaping is out of everyone's free will but being polite or considerate is never out of date. There are occasions when you have to hide your vaping smell, whether you have controlling parents even in adulthood or you are engaged in an important appointment. Here are some useful suggestions on how to hide the vape smell. Let's move on and I hope the following tips will help you evade embarrassing moments and leave a good impression on others.

1. Vape in the right place

Your sense of smell relies on your nose’s recognition of tiny particles in the air called odorants. Almost all the particles of your vape juice gain more heat energy that allows them to fly into the air. As a result, vaping indoors or in a place with poor ventilation is risky. These odorants will hide or be trapped in your clothes and greet your guests in advance. The best way to hide the vape smell is to "wash" them with fresh air. So, remember to vape outdoors or keep the window open. You may also vape in your bathroom with an exhaust fan on. You have to let the odorants go.

2. Use an air purifier

If you prefer to vape indoors, you can leave the air purifier on. It's the best choice to avoid unnecessary attention or offending others. An air purifier is designed to get rid of airborne particles. At the same time, it increases the ventilation in your vaping room. It's effective and efficient in removing the troublesome smell of vape smoke. Plus, a can of air freshener is helpful as well. The fruit or mint fragrance can cover the vape smell.

3. Take a shower and wash your hands

It is well known to us all that vape scents cling to your hair. And the inappropriate use of perfume such as Cologne may make it worse. Overdose of perfume will lead to a weird mixed smell of smoke and fragrance. If possible, you had better take a shower and change clean and smoke-free clothes. Otherwise, washing your hands with scented sanitizer is necessary.

3. Choose the right flavor for your disposable

Disposable vape kits have gained popularity for a long time. If you are a disposable enthusiast, spend some time picking the right flavor. New vapers who are ex-smokers prefer tobacco-flavored disposable vapes. To be honest, it is attractive indeed. However, people who do not smoke may find it irritant and unacceptable. There is a stigma of smoking or even vaping. So, if you have an important appointment with someone who dislikes the tobacco smell, vape with a fruit-flavored disposable vape instead.

Here are some of our best fruit-flavored disposable vapes:

Elf Bar BC5000 Disposable Mango Peach

elfbar bc 5000 mango peach

The combination of mango and peach is amazing. Tropical mangos are passionate and attractive while the peach is a little "reserved" and in low-profile. Neither of them is overwhelming. As a result, each puff is balanced, without strong irritant smell. The fragrance of fresh fruit is always popular. And such fragrance will seldom offend others.

Funky Republic Ti7000 Strawberry Banana

funky republic ti7000 strawberry banana

Imagine that the sour ripe strawberry and smooth sweet banana explode on your taste buds. Funky Republic Ti7000 is famous for its durability and consistency. It means that each puff is as fresh and delicious as the first one! The blended flavor of strawberries and bananas is natural and long-lasting. A touch of ice is added to make it more refreshing. It smells like a glass of milkshake. And milk-shake lovers are not frequently blamed for the weird smell.

Flum Pebble 6000 Disposable Vape Spearmint

flum pebble 6000 spearmint

Flum Pebble 6000 comes with many flavor options. Among them, the most refreshing and irresistible is the spearmint flavor. The ultimate coolness and refreshment this vape brings to you is insurmountable. The spearmint flavor is classic but never out of date. In hot summer it saves you from hot breezes outside. And in freezing winter, it takes guts to take a few puffs outside. It shares similar tastes and smells with common chewing gum. So, it is easily accepted by others.

5. Brush your teeth, improve your breath

Although vaping produces less unpleasant smell and has fewer disadvantages, you still need to take care of your mouth. According to an article by Queensland University, propylene glycol and glycerol (common ingredients of vape juice) reduce saliva production. Inadequate saliva cannot wash away all the bacteria. As a result, bacteria lead to bad breath. So, it is necessary to wash your teeth gently after vaping. With common toothpaste with mint, your breath will not define you as a vaper.

6. Use a small vape kit

As to those vaping enthusiasts or cloud makers, a private or DIY vape is a must. Most of them are powerful and designed for making clouds. However, high-wattage vape kits heat the vape juice at a high temperature and release more vapor. Sometimes a burnt smell may be produced when the juice is overheated. A low-wattage vape kit is recommended to avoid a strong or burnt smell lingering in your clothes.

Here are some of our best low-wattage vape kits. They do not produce heavy clouds but decent flavors.

SMOK Novo X Pod System Kit


SMOK Novo X is a compact and portable vape kit, gaining popularity among both beginners and experienced vapers. Novo X can hold 2ml vape juice and is equipped with an 800mAh battery. You do not need to worry about a burnt smell or running out of power with the aid of an OLED Display. It accurately shows the level of battery and juice. Powerful and stylish, it satisfies all your wishes.

Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod System Kit

Uwell Caliburn A2

Uwell Caliburn A2 is user-friendly and easy to use. It is draw-activated and can accommodate 2ml vape juice. Other functions available are low power indication and short-circuit protection. The maximum wattage is 15W, lower than most similar kits but Caliburn A2 remains powerful in cooking vape juice.

Geekvape Aegis Hero Pod Mod Kit

geek vape aegis hero

Geekvape Aegis Hero can literally save you from frequently refilling with its 4ml refillable pods. Apart from its large juice capacity, it is also equipped with a rechargeable 1200mAh battery. As to the concern of vapers' safety, Aegis Hero is waterproof, shockproof and corrosion resistant Maximum 45W output wattage is relatively low among the pod mod kits. Geekvpae Aegis is smart and avoids overheating.

7. Choose the right e-juice of mild flavors

The next step is to choose the right e-juice. E-juice with strong flavors may leave a lingering aroma. For example, dessert flavor and other pleasant e-juice might not be welcomed by non-vapers. To make it simple, fruit flavor and menthol flavor e-juice may be the top choices if you need to hide the vape smell. Plus, the nicotine level also counts in the process. The more nicotine there is in the juice, the higher the possibility that it makes you smelly.

8. Try other odorless nicotine products

The only way to escape vaping smells is to quit vaping. Not necessarily. If you have to take part in a very important conference, you may use some alternatives to strike out the craving for nicotine momentarily. Among all of the nicotine products, here is one specially selected for you. It is coming soon and prepared to be delivered to you:

Boltbe Nicotine Pouch

boltbe nicotine pouch

Boltbe Nicotine Pouch is convenient and easy to use. Just put it under your lip and it will deliver nicotine effects for up to 20 minutes. Just one pouch will help you go through a meeting or conference. Similar to chewing gum, it is harmless and easy to carry in a box. When you are done with it, you can toss it in your box. There is a special chamber to hold the residue.


In conclusion, despite some irritant odors produced by vaping, it is limited and controllable, unlike smoking. However, not all of us enjoy staying in a room full of vapor or near a steaming person. As a responsible adult, we should take others into consideration. Follow these tips and enjoy vaping without sabotaging others.


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