My Flum Mello 20K not Working: How to Fix Flum Vape

Flum Mello 20K is a newly released disposable vape after Flum Pebble. I was quite excited to open the box and try to have my first hit. However, it does not work. I've tried a lot of methods to fix it and finally made it work normally. I'd like to share with you the troubleshooting for a brand new Flum Mello 20K.

1. Technological Specifications and Features of Flum Mello

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  • Capacity of E-juice: 15ml
  • Standard Rechargeable 650mAh Battery
  • Puff Count: Up to 20000 Puffs
  • Screen Type: Mega HD Animated Screen
  • Available Protections: Short-circuit/Overcharging Protection
  • Hybrid 2.0 Mesh Coil
  • Fixed Airflow
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg/ml)
  • Supported Vaping Styles: MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) Vaping

2. My Flum Mello 20K Not Working: Troubleshooting for Flum Vape

Brand-new Flum Mello Not Working

As is known to us all, most disposable kits are fully charged and filled with gorgeous fruit-flavor vape juice after they are manufactured and delivered to you. And the battery drains little by little inevitably. Although it is designed for immediate use. You had better check the battery life first. If the screen cannot be activated, you need to recharge it first.

3. Flum Mello Tastes Burnt

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Burnt tastes are the most annoying problem in my opinion. As we expected, Flum Vapes are fresh and sweet. Burnt tastes of disposable vapes ruin the flavor completely. I will list two possible causes of burnt taste. For further information about why disposable vape tastes burnt, check the blog freely.

(1) Water Ingress Leads to Burnt Tastes

In the process of delivery or stock, your Flum Mello could be damaged by water and it is not noticeable as it is sealed in a box. Water damages the chipset and battery and the worst, it messed up with the vape juice inside. You should order from a website with a local warehouse with fast delivery and considerate service.

(2) E-juice Leakage

Your Flum Mello 20K might be mishandled and exposed to extreme conditions and then leakage occurs. But it is not a big deal if you order from a responsible best vape store with package tracing and after-sales service.

4. Why Is My Rechargeable Flum Mello Not Charging?

As I stated above in the Flum Mello Specifications, Flum Mello runs on a standard 650mAh battery that supports Type-C recharging. If you happen to notice that your Flum Mello is not charging, read the content below and it might help you solve the disposable vape recharging problems you encounter.

(1) How to Know Flum Mello is Recharging Normally?

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Actually, it's quite simple. When you connect your Flum Vape to the power source, a lightning symbol will pop up and the number below shows you the status of the battery.

(2) Overcharge/Short-circuit Protection

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Flum takes your safety as its priority. As a result, Flum Mello has double protections, including Overcharge and Short-circuit Protection. Sometimes, the recharging process will be shut off automatically when there is a short circuit. Just check your Type-C cable and charger and try it again.

You also need to know that Flum Mello will stop recharging once it is fully charged. So, check the battery via the screen first.

(3) Defective Charging Equipment

I believe most of us just pick random spare cables and chargers for our disposable vapes. We tend to use defective or damaged devices to charge our phones. You need to find out whether the equipment for charging is to blame for disposable vape charging failure. Then you can proceed to check the vape.

5. Conclusion

Despite all these problems we might encounter when using Flum Mello, It is still a disposable vape worth a shot. It is a precious disposable vape with old-school flavor options and up-to-date and user-friendly features. Get one of yours and figure out how mellow it is by yourself. So much for the new vape Flum Mello. Pride to the United States of America and I will see you next week.


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