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Why Does My Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

Elf Bar is one of the most popular disposable vape brands all around the world. However, despite its fame and high quality, chances are that you take a puff and then you find it taste burnt. Such experiences are common and unpleasant. Now I'd like to share some useful information about the causes of such incidents and possible solutions to these annoying problems.

1. Malfunction of essential parts

Let's take the well-known Elf Bar BC5000 as an example as most Elf Bar Disposable Vapes share the same structure. Attention should be paid to the essential parts involved in the process of e-liquid vaporization including coil and wick. Malfunction of one or all of these vital parts will make your vape taste burnt.

why does my elf bar taste burnt

(1) Worn-out Coil

The lifespan of coils is relatively short and limited, especially in the disposable vapes. Sometimes the coil ages sooner than expected. The worn-out coil will give rise to burnt flavors. It happens from time to time due to the long-time transportation or storage environment.

(2) Burnt or contaminated wick

In Most Disposable Vapes, the wick is made of cotton. Concerning long-time transit and storage, the wick has been soaked in the vape juice all the time. After you enjoy the first thousand puffs, residue or dirt particles accumulate on the wick, leading to a burnt taste. Since you cannot and need not to replace the wick of a disposable vape, this problem is unsolvable.

(3) Low E-liquid Level

To be honest, the most important part of all e-cigarettes is the vape juice. However, vape juice gradually evaporates in transit or during the storage period. The vape juice level may be lower than we expected. If the e-liquid level of Elf Bar is low, the wick tends to be inadequately saturated. All the heat transferred by the coil is used to burn the wick rather than vaporize the juice. Then you get burnt taste.

2. Inappropriate Way of Use

Although Elf Bar is a disposable vape, it does not mean that it deserves no care and cautions. Sometimes how you use your Elf Bar will affect how your Elf Bar treats you.

(1) Exposed to water

Since Elf Bar is portable and irresistible, people tend to put it in their trouser pocket. Unfortunately, Elf Bar may fall out of the pocket. Either water pours into the kit or it drops in water, there will be consequences. If not cleaned up completely, the battery can be damaged and juice polluted. Malfunctions of these components will result in burnt taste.

(2) Chain Vaping

Impatient and desperate, some vapers just cannot get rid of Elf Bar. They vape rapidly without allowing the coil to cool down and wick properly. Then the coil will be overheated and produce dry or burnt hits.

(3) Tampering with the Device

The extraordinary flavor of Elf Bar lures millions of people. Vapers are eager to know the secret of Elf Bar vape juice or prolong the lifespan of their favorite disposable kits. However, it is strongly recommended NOT to temper with a disposable kit. Any modification or refilling will do damage to the whole kit. Burnt taste is simply one of the byproducts of inappropriate actions.

How to deal with the burnt taste of my Elf Bar?

1. Be patient

Allow yourself to rest for a while, as well as your Elf Bar. The coil will slowly cool down and the wick can be saturated again with delicious vape juice. Chain vaping can be harmful for your and Elf Bar's health.

2. Follow the rules

Do not try to disassemble or modify a disposable vape kit. Remember that manufacturers have done most settings for you. Just vape, enjoy and recycle it according to the local laws and regulations. If you are enthusiastic about DIY, you may build your own private kit.

3. Get yourself a new Elf Bar

Do not cry over the spilled milk and evaporated e-juice. It’s common that Elf Bar has burnt tastes. But we can do better. Just order your Elf Bar where it can be delivered fast and on time. Here are some most popular Elf Bar Series disposable vapes for you:

Elf Bar BC5000 Triple Berry Ice

elf bar bc5000 triple berry ice cheap

Triple Berry Ice is one of the most popular flavor of the time-renowned BC5000 family. Blueberry, raspberry and strawberry explode one by one on your taste buds. At the same time, a hint of menthol adds to the refreshing berry taste. 50mg of nicotine produces mild hits that help you relax or prepare yourself for daily work.

Elf Bar BC5000 Watermelon Ice

elf bar bc5000 watermelon ice cheap

Welcome the savior of hot summer, Watermelon Ice from Elf Bar BC5000 Sector. Juicy and sweet watermelon makes the throat hit milder but effective. And the mint makes each puff icy but not overwhelming. A cup of icy watermelon juice and sunproof cream ensures that you are NOT burnt.

Cotton Candy Elf Bar TE5000

elf bar te5000 cotton candy cheap

Now you can become a neighbor of the sun and do not get burnt. Vaping with Cotton Candy is like floating in the air. Creamy and sweet puffs resemble the delicious cotton candy, soft and fluffy. This could be the best flavor for relaxation and fun.


No matter how much you love Elf Bar, or how desperately you’re craving for nicotine strikes, make sure that you vape properly. Burnt taste is a pity on your Elf Bar. Elf Bar is good but runs out too fast. Keep vaping with a finished Elf Bar will do no good to you. No matter how fast your Elf Bar “dies” or runs out of vape juice. You deserve a brand-new and intact Elf Bar. You know what? A USA warehouse will save you tons of time waiting and guessing where my Elf Bar is. Find the best Elf Bar online shop here and there will be a regular update of new flavors or new vapes.


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