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What's The Steeping E-juice
The vape juice is composed of a variety of polymer composite chemicals. It also includes a variety of flavors, both oily and waterborne. Although the density between them is very close, there is still separation, like water and oil. Steeping E-juice is to let them fully integrate with each other to reach a balance, and then improve the quality of the e-juice. When the e-juice is just produced, it usually takes 2-8 weeks to steep e-juice, so the taste will be richer. If the e-juice has been produced for a long time, the effect of steeping is negligible. Steep the E-Juice For example, some flavors of e-juice need to steep to release its taste, this time the effect of steeping e-juice will be obvious. In some flavors, you don't need to steep e-juice, and the taste won't change because of the steeping. If you want your e-juice to be more intense and the e-juice is steeping, there are a few things to keep in mind: 1. The time to steeping is usually 2-8 weeks. Try the taste every 3 days. If you feel the taste is OK, you don't need to steep. In general, the stronger the taste of the e-juice, the longer it takes, the lighter the taste of e-juice, the shorter the time it takes. 2. To steep the e-juice, you need to keep changing the air. By shaking and shaking, the old air is squeezed out and replace with fresh air. 3. When steeping e-juice, the e-juice should be stored in a cool place to prevent deterioration. 4. During the waking process, the lid needs to be opened every 1 to 2 days, so that the e-juice is fully "breathed" for 15 minutes, shaked and then covered. 5. If conditions permit, the e-juice can be accelerated by water bath heating or ultrasound. 6. After steeping, the color of the e-juice will become darker. This is because the nicotine is dark yellow after oxidation. Do not think that the e-juice has deteriorated. how to steep the e-juice Here I recommend you guys some e-juice that don't need to steep (has gone through the steeping session), such like Naked 100 series and Chubby Bubble Vapes series. You can buy them on vapesourcing vape online shop. Some hot sale e-juice recommended to you: naked 100 polar breeze chubby bubble vapes bubble strawberry

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