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  • The Hazard of Short Circuit of Electronic Cigarette Battery and The Purchase of Charger

    In general, a short circuit is equivalent to the positive and negative poles of the battery connected directly through the wire. Should there be no danger? Because watching the positive and negative poles are connected together, there is no electrical equipment, there will be no current generated? This idea is...
  • Something About Battery Explosion of Vape Kits

    Yesterday, one of my friends told me that last night when he was sleeping, suddenly he heard a "boom", and he was shocked because his old vape kit had exploded. There are many reasons for the explosion. Let's share it for everyone. First of all, the battery, the mod...
  • Something About the Batteries in E-cigs

    For the old players, the battery is a common thing, but for newcomers, these identical batteries do not seem to make a difference. Today we will talk about the batteries. What kind of battery does electronic cigarette use? The batteries used in electronic cigarettes are mostly external lithium batteries...
  • New Battery Tech From Innokin Looks Revolutionary

    It sounds like Innokin is about to announce something REALLY big.

    A document that appears to be part of a future press release promises a revolutionary battery technology breakthrough from vape manufacturer Innokin. It may be something that will be revealed at this weekend's ECC 2017 event in Ontario, CA.

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  • How To Select The Battery

    Nowadays, a wide variety of batteries on the market, how to select the battery has become an issues, many people will say that the battery directly select the discharge performance is not good enough? Discharge capacity and capacity is the majority of people choose the battery when considering the important reference indicators, but why these two parameters are inversely proportional - the greater the capacity of the discharge capacity is relatively lower, the stronger the discharge capacity, the lower the capacity.

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  • Something You Need To Know About 18650 Battery

    We talk about a question that in the electronic cigarette forum, every day will be asked the question: "Which 18650 battery is the best?"  This is a difficult question to answer! Unfortunately, the answer is "depend on the situation". Some batteries can for a long time, but they are not qualified for high power discharge. Some batteries even in the 40A discharge will not be hot, but the disadvantage is the need for regular charging.

    So I can not tell you what kind of battery you should use NO.1, I can only tell you my personal recommendation Top 5 battery and tell you the reason for the selection. I hope this will help you choose the battery you want.

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