iJOY Uranus 25K Review: AI Vape Mod Kit with Voice Control

iJOY Uranus 25k Disposable Vape is a groundbreaking gadget that comes with voice control technology. This revolutionary vape provides unmatched ease and functionality. 

The IJOY URNAUS 25000 is the inaugural AI voice-controlled disposable device that offers users an engrossing vaping encounter. The included 850mAh rechargeable battery allows for up to 25000 puffs. The device has two power selection modes: Normal Mode (25w) and Boost Mode (40w), allowing you to choose according to your preferences. Featuring cutting-edge State-of-the-Art Technology and six superior mesh coils technology. The device features a 3.0-inch HD mega full screen that allows for convenient viewing of the % display of E-Liquid and Battery. You will find top new disposable vapes here.

iJOY Uranus 25000 Disposable review

Key Features:

The first of its kind, the voice-controlled vape lets you control the vape's output mode and lighting effects with the sound of your voice.

iJOY Uranus 25k, is a device that combines advanced AI technology with incomparable simplicity. If you're looking to upgrade your vaping experience, try out the first disposable vape with voice control today! 


  • The First Voice-Control Vape on the Planet 
  • Six Mesh Coils (0.3 ohm) 
  • A Rechargeable 850mAh Battery With a built-in battery, 
  • 20ml of per-filled e-liquid, 
  • 5% nicotine strength, 
  • 40W max output power, 
  • dual vaping modes, 
  • 3.0 inch HD screen, adjustable airflow, 
  • light effects, 
  • type-c charging port (cable not included), 
  • draw-activation and mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, this device has it all.

iJOY Disposable Vape Kit PACKAGE LIST

1 x iJOY Uranus 25000 Disposable Vape

Flavor Options

  • Apple Gummies
  • Blue Razz Ice 
  • Blueberry Watermelon
  • Cherry Lemon
  • Dragon Strawnana
  • Juicy Peach Ice
  • Mexico Mango
  • Dragon Strawnana
  • Sour Berry
  • Watermelon Kiwi
  • Raspberry Limeade
  • Miami Mint

iJOY Disposable Vape INTRODUCTION 

Artificial intelligence has bestowed upon iJOY Uranus 25k abilities that were previously inconceivable. It all started with the iJOY Uranus, the world's first voice-controlled vape. Twenty milliliters of premium e-juice comes pre-filled. Everyday use is supported by a powerful 850mAh battery. Awaken the AI and give it commands. Selecting the maximum 40W output is possible with its assistance. You can use your voice to activate, alter, or disable light effects. When it comes to vape pens that use artificial intelligence, nothing compares to the Uranus 25K. 

Disposable Vape with Voice Control

A vape mod kit with voice control allows you to control your device with the sound of your voice. Using the keyboard, you may toggle between different vaping modes, activate or deactivate the screen, and more. For example, iJOY Uranus is a really useful one of these.

Ijoy disposable vape

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, IJOY is a top brand. With its unique design and high-quality items, IJOY quickly became popular in the vaping world, trying to give extraordinary e-cigarettes with superior quality, ergonomic design, and revolutionary technology to worldwide e-cigarette users. Rebrand conventional tobacco brands and make room for IJOY. For IJOY, this is life's ultimate purpose. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, IJOY Electronic Cigarette is dedicated to providing consumers with the greatest experience possible by staying customer demand-oriented, listening to customer wants, and adhering to industry standards. Pod systems, cartridges, and pens are just a few of the many forms that IJOY e-cigarettes take, each giving vapers their own unique combination of features and configuration options. Pick the IJOY brand if you're a fan of e-cigarettes and want to experience all the enjoyment that comes with them.

Advanced Voice-Activated Vaping Devices

Vape technology has advanced tremendously in recent years and shows no signs of stopping; many of us use it on our smartphones, tablets, and other devices on a regular basis. The most recent innovation in e-cigarette technology, voice active control, is revolutionizing the market!

Voice Control Smart Technology 

With this new innovation, vaping is now on par with a lot of other smart devices out there. This allows the user to adjust the power, wattage, and other functions without going through multiple menu options, similar to how smartphones and smart home gadgets may be controlled with a few phrases.

Using AI (artificial intelligence), voice control technology allows a gadget to respond when a specific word or phrase is spoken nearby, causing the device to "listen" for further instructions. Numerous devices, such as smartwatches and laptop computers, are already making use of this technology.

methods for disabling voice command

How to turn off voice control

Saying "Hello, ijoy" will activate the voice control feature.

The output power of the "Auto power" feature is automatically adjusted to the optimal value based on the atomizer resistance, allowing for optimal taste.

The "Auto watt" feature automatically adjusts the output wattage to the ideal value based on the atomizer resistance, resulting in the best possible taste.

How to active the voice control:

1. Press the fire button three times in a 2-second period to access the main menu. Then, choose the setting icon to go to the sub-menu. When you're ready, press the "+" and "-" buttons to toggle the speech AI on and off.

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