Why Pay An Adult Signature Fee?

what is adult signature required

Have you paid extra for a package just because it needed an adult signature? That innocuous "Adult Signature Fee (Required By Law)" note on your checkout page is not just for show.

The fee is a current upsurge approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) and is a mode to secure specific deliveries. Ensuring the package will not be left without a protected step signature delivery (21 or older) to reside

But is the adult signature service fee add an extra layer of security and worth the additional cost? Let's dig into the nitty-gritty of adult signature fees – what they are, why they exist, and when they're worth paying for.

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  • What Is an Adult Signature Fee In Simple Terms?
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  • Why Pay An Adult Signature Fee
  • The Drawbacks of Adult Signature Fees
  • When to Pay (and Not Pay) Adult Signature Fees

What Is an Adult Signature Fee In Simple Terms?

An adult signature fee is that whoever gets a specific package needs to sign to receive the package, ensuring that it isn't just dropped at your doorstep. The receiver must sign for it and confirm they are 21 or older. The convention here was to prove their age with ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport, or another government-issued photo ID). Accordingly, it electronically confirms the recipient's signature and age when the mailpiece is delivered or delivery is attempted, to the sender.

Service Options

  • Adult Signature Restricted Delivery (ASRD): In this particular scenario case, the package can only be signed for and received by the designated signature recipient.
  • Adult Signature Required (ASR): A person age 21 or older must be there to sign for the package at the recipient's address.

Why Pay An Adult Signature Fee

You Should Pay An Adult Signature FeeAdult signature fees may sound like a useless feature, but they have a lot of benefits attached that could be of use to both consumers and companies.

Package Security

The first and most obvious benefit is security. A signature upon delivery also helps to prevent porch piracy. This is particularly relevant for those who frequently buy vapes online or other valuable items, ensuring the package reaches its intended recipient.

Age Verification

For customers who ship age-restricted products like alcohol or vapes, adult signature fees are necessary to enforce legal regulations. These fees also help ensure that minors do not access these products by verifying the recipient's age.

Delivery Confirmation

You never have to worry about understanding when a product has been delivered to the right hands or not. This is particularly the case for high-cost items or perishable goods. The electronic confirmation provided with adult signature services serves as proof of delivery, offering both sender and receiver a sense of security.

Shipper Liability:

The sender often bears the liability in case a package is lost or damaged. However, the responsibility shifts somewhat to the carrier when an adult signature is required. This added layer of protection can be crucial for businesses and consumers alike.

The Drawbacks of Adult Signature Fees


The only downside is that it can be a bit cumbersome. Someone has to be home to sign the delivery. In case of missed deliveries here also, it will result in additional trips to the post office or rescheduled deliveries increasing the hassle further.

Extra Cost

Adult signature fees increase the overall cost of shipping. This may or may not be important for small amounts of CHF because the processing fee can eat at the value of the package. These costs can add up for businesses and affect profit margins, particularly as they accumulate over time as businesses repeat the process.

Limited Delivery Options

Adult Signature Required services may limit your delivery options in some cases. May be restricted for time and location of delivery. It can be a problem for those living in rural areas and others not easily able to obtain transport services. Also, not all carriers provide adult signature service on every kind of shipments, which can restrict the sender's ability to choose.

When to Pay Adult Signature Fees

When to Pay for an Adult Signature fee, the added cost versus the peace of mind is a balancing act.

When It's Worth Paying

  • High-Value Items: When it comes to items that are high in value, you will want to consider the adult signature fee when shipping expensive electronics, alcohol, vapes, or any other valuable item. This added security greatly lessens the possibility of any loss through loss or theft — a huge aid in stemming future potential financial disasters.

  • Age-Restricted Products: Things like alcohol, tobacco, and vapes may not have room for haggling on the cost when shipping from China. This is by the law to prevent these products from reaching minors.

  • Theft-Prone Areas: An adult signature is required as a theft deterrent zone. It ensures that the package isn't just dumped there, reducing the risk for porch pirates to steal it.

  • Sensitive or Irreplaceable Items: If you were to lose this item, your son/daughter probably won't replace it anyway. This may be for expensive items, sentimental items, or important documents. The adult signature fee ensures the package goes to who it is meant to and does not get lost in the mail streams.


1. What does "adult signature required" mean in UPS?

"Adult Signature Required" is a term used to describe shipments that cannot be left alone at the Delivery Address. If it is alcohol or wine, only what appears to be an adult 21 years or older can sign for the package on delivery. This is a test of the recipient's age and signifies the package is going to the right person.

2. What is a signature fee?

The signature fee is a one-time upfront and flat payment (it is not refundable and does not apply as credit) in addition to the shipping costs. It is for repeatable service of getting a signature upon delivery and confirming an addressee's age if needed.

3.Do they check ID for adult signature?

The delivery driver typically will ask for a government-issued photo ID so it will be confirmed that the recipient is of legal age when a package containing an adult signature is being delivered.


In the end, adult signature charges are an important method of helping to assure the safe and responsible delivery of stuff that needs to be confirmed, as an adult of obviously over 21 picks it or might be 21. They provide businesses and consumers with peace of mind, less liability, and idol security. Ultimately, whether to pay for one or both of these is down to the value/sensitivity of the package in question, the delivery location, and your schedule. Knowing when adult signature fees are good and bad allows senders to choose the right shipping options based on their specific needs.


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