OXBAR 30K Magic Maze 2 Review: More Puffs with Better Flavors

People may wonder what makes a disposable vape extraordinary. A smart vape with video games? An extremely high puff count? Flavor is always high on the list when vapers choose their daily vapes and a trustworthy and professional e-juice manufacturer knows the best about the flavors. When OXBAR and Pod Juice meet together again, they present us with the next generation: OXBAR X Pod Juice Maze 2 Disposable Vape.

1. Appearance

OXBAR Magic Maze 2, the successor of the first generation, has a larger display screen and it is located on the right side of the vape. Similar to the first generation, the shell of OXBAR Maze 2 is transparent and there is also a lanyard hole next to the mouthpiece.

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2. Capacity and Battery Level

As a true disposable vape with a large amount of e-juice, Maze 2 can work for hours to days. The original battery of the first gen is only 650mAh. The capacity of Maze 2 is almost doubled to 900mAh, which is suitable for long-time use without frequent recharging.

The e-liquid volume of Maze 2 is a mystery. It is said that it only holds up to 13ml e-juice but it is claimed that Magic Maze 2 can produce 30000 puffs at most. I just wonder: Is puff count a lie?

3. User-friendly and Disposable Vape with Screen

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OXBAR Magic Maze 30K stands out because of its sophisticated design and the high technology involved. As an intelligent disposable kit with a screen. You will be informed of the status of the battery, the level of vape juice, and the current output power.

4. Switchable Output Power

As to the output power, the former edition only supports output adjustment from 11W to 15W. That's not enough. OXBAR Maze 2 offers a vast variable output power from 12W to 28W.

Most modern airplanes can fly and land safely with one engine. So does OXBAR Maze 30K. The regular mode only needs one single mesh coil to function normally. Under the Regular Mode, you can possibly enjoy the highest puff count of 30000 puffs.

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In order to unleash the true power of OXBAR X Pod Juice 30K, you just need to click the button once to activate the power adjustment:

• Press the button once to turn on the output control

• One more click to browse the settings

• Three levels for Regular Mode: 12W, 14W, 16W

• Three levels for Boost Mode: 24W, 26W, 28W

5. Why Is My OXBAR 30K Not Working

OXBAR 30K not working

From time to time, you might come across unpleasant issues while using OXBAR Magic Maze 2. How to solve these problems could be difficult. Here are some tips on how to repair or adjust your vape to make it work normally.

• Out of Power: Try to recharge it. The power runs out gradually. It is a vape with a screen and it will show you the battery level as long as OXBAR 30K is intact.

• Insufficient E-juice: Leaving the Boost Mode of a disposable vape on for a long time significantly increases the consumption of e-juice. Replace your used-up vapes on time to continue vaping.

• Damaged Vape: The long-term shipment inevitably causes damage to the vape. A defective disposable vape should be returned to the manufacturer or recycled properly.

6. Summary

Pod Juice OXBAR 30K impresses vapers with its unique unione coils and incredible capacity for delicious e-liquid. OXBAR 30K is a remarkable vape with up-to-date technology and premium e-juice from Pod Juice. Looking for a disposable vape with a high puff count? Choose OXBAR 30K. That's all about OXBAR 30K Magic Maze 2 and I will see you next week.


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