Space Punks Boost Review

There have been tons of followers of the iconic Geek Bar Pulse 15000. Here is another challenger, Space Punks Boost. In this Space Punks Boost Review I will evaluate the e-juice capacity, working hours, and other unique functions of this vape.

1. E-liquid Capacity and Battery Life

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High-quality E-liquid is the key to uncompromised flavors. The juice capacity of Space Punks is the impressive 24ml. Compared with other vapes, such as the NEXA N20000, Space Punks contains more e-liquid and keeps the taste fresh.

NEXA N20000 Disposable Vape

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NEXA N20000, the first disposable vape that has ever reached the 20000 puffs, is pre-filled with 20ml vape juice and powered by an 800mAh rechargeable battery. As a classic boosted disposable vape, the NEXA N20000 has its own Turbo Mode, unleashing the power of 25W output. You shouldn't miss the mega screen and big clouds of NEXA N20000.

One Study shows that among smokers switching to an e-cigarette, greater increases in e-cigarette puff duration were associated with greater reductions in cigarette smoking. This conclusion may indicate that disposable vapes with higher puff counts may be more suitable for new vapers who are trying to quit smoking. Space Punks is powered by an integrated 850mAh battery. It is quite difficult to find such a power kit that offers much longer vaping time.

2. Large Display Screen

A disposable vape without a screen is like a room without a window. Space Punks no doubt belong to the disposable vapes with screens. Nowadays, some disposable vapes adopt fancy screens with light effects or even support video games.

V-Play 20K

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V-Play 20K refines vaping fashion with retro video games and up-to-date e-cigarette technology. As a disposable vape with a high puff count, V-Play accommodates 25ml pre-filled vape juice. With an integrated 850mAh rechargeable battery, it can last for days with one full charge. It supports up to two vaping modes, including Normal Mode and Boost Mode. You might deem it as an ordinary disposable vape with boost mode. Absolutely not. It offers a 1.77-inch True LED screen with which you can enjoy three retro games. Vaping and gaming, V-Play 20K brings you endless fun.

Space Punks chooses the simple way, just like Geek Bar Pulse 15000 does. The battery status and e-juice level are displayed in percentage, which is clear and simple. The symbol in the middle indicates the chosen vaping mode.

3. Dual Mesh Coils and Boost Mode

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As I put before, two coils are better than one. The design of two mesh coils prevents complete malfunction of the vape and also improves the performance. Space Punks Boost adopts the hardcore design of two mesh coils in order to enhance the performance of the vape, leaving a good impression on the vapers.

Dual-Coil Space Punks Boost offers doubled output power and vapor production under the Boost Mode. In return, the e-liquid consumption is increased and the total puff count drops to half of it (10000 Puffs) under Normal Mode (20000 Puffs).

4. What to do if My Space Punks Boost Stops Working?

From time to time, a brand-new vape might stop working all of a sudden. It is necessary to know what leads to your disposable vape not working.

Remember to check the volume of the battery first. Although the vape has been fully charged in the factory, the battery gradually runs out. So your newly arrived vape may need to be charged before you vape. For those who want to know how to charge your disposable vape, here is a detailed guide.


Space Punks Boost is definitely a nice vape that is worth a try. It is cheap and of high quality. If you are looking for a disposable kit you can count on as your daily vape, give Space Punks Boost a try.


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