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  • Why Did My Atomizer So Hot After A Couple Of Vape

    Why did my atomizer so hot after a couple of vape. I believe many vapers have encountered such a problem, just do a new coil, after a couple of vape, then the atomizer becomes very hot, it almost impossible to use. So, what happening.

    This problem is directly related to the coil data, the power used, the size of the atomizer, and the intake of airflow. We know that the greater the power used, the higher heat. The lower of coil resistance used in the same voltage, the greater the volume of the heating wire, the higher the heat generation. The greater the foggy warehouse, the lower the calorific value, the greater the amount of heat dissipated. The greater the intake volume, the more heat is taken away. Then we can be a good analysis out, what exactly is the problem, which led to a serious rise in the atomizer.

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  • Something You Need To Know About 18650 Battery

    We talk about a question that in the electronic cigarette forum, every day will be asked the question: "Which 18650 battery is the best?"  This is a difficult question to answer! Unfortunately, the answer is "depend on the situation". Some batteries can for a long time, but they are not qualified for high power discharge. Some batteries even in the 40A discharge will not be hot, but the disadvantage is the need for regular charging.

    So I can not tell you what kind of battery you should use NO.1, I can only tell you my personal recommendation Top 5 battery and tell you the reason for the selection. I hope this will help you choose the battery you want.

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  • The Details and Explanation of E-cig's Heating Wire

    Electronic cigarettes by the mod (commonly known as box), atomizer and E-liquid, totally three parts. Each part has their functions. In the atomizer, the proportion of heating wire can be reach 40 percent, with a suitable The heat of the core data, then you can get a comfortable electronic cigarette, many Vapers ask me such a question "XX atomizer or XX E-juice with what data is better." So today I put my some of the data and the current market in my daily use, some of the more popular heating wire comparison and we do a sharing.

    Electronic cigarette heating wire is the most common kind of heating element, its role is to heat after power, the electrical energy into heat. The application of heating wire is very wide, a variety of commonly used electric heating equipment will use heating wire as a heating element, so the heating wire in the medical, chemical, electronics, electrical appliances, metallurgical machinery, ceramic glass processing industry.

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  • Stop Smoking And Start Vaping With Eleaf Icare Series

    What is everybody checking out today? Mini Kit become more and more popular, Such like Joyetech eVic Primo Mini , SMOK Qbox Kit and Aspire Breeze Kit 2ml. Today, we bring a super mini kit for your extra choice, Which is Eleaf iCare. Eleaf iCare Mini Kit comes with iCare Mini and iCare Mini PCC, which features an internal tank and airflow system. It is tinier and cuter than ever, which adopts 1.3ml ejuice capacity and 310mAh for iCare Mini, and 2300mAh battery for iCare Mini PCC. It uses new 1.1ohm IC Head, intuitive three color LEDs and higher strength e-liquid sensation. With unique design and easy operation, it will be more popular.

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  • Easy Access No Spill Top Filling System Kangertech K-pin Starter Kit

    Today, more and more manufacturers release Pen-style E-cig. Such like SMOK Stick V8 kit, Eleaf Ijust Nexgen kit and Wismec Motiv Pod Kit. And today, we are going to introduce a new Pen-style kit from Kangertech, Which is called K-Pin. It's kinda impressed me by the new design. Fashionable looking, Extraordinary holding experience, offering easy operation and excellent performance in your daily life. It also provides 5 difference coolest color, and the new colors also coming soon.

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  • Temperature Control Electronic Cigarette

    Temperature control function has been publish for a while, but now, many people still do not know why the temperature control is very good, Such like, Eleaf iStick Pico 25, wismec predator 228 and SMOK Alien 220W, those are very good Temperature control mod. So, why are everyone chasing temperature control right now.

    Temperature control mod will be based on the temperature you set to control the core heat, so that the taste to achieve a constant purpose, and then the problem will come, the use of the time should be set to how many temperature? This problem is really very difficult to answer, because the E-juice is different, setting the temperature is different, so the temperature control can only be slowly find the right temperature.

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  • Something You Need To Know On E-juice Diy

    Vapers like DIY they own e-juice, they will buy some PG, VG, fragrance, nicotine and some tools for the Interest, and then calculate of PG, VG, and flavor by some software, and then calculate the proportion of components their own favorite. In fact, as long as these materials are safe and non-pollution, made out of the E-juice, of course you can vape. And some vapers are not afraid of the tedious, through some online formula, and then the recipe in a lot of materials to buy it back to home, secretly with DIY. Some people have said that the lack of technical content of this material, they have a formula can do, why? The key to the control of the ingredients of the essence.

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  • The Benifit Of E-cig I Would Tell You

    Tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, there are essential differences. Tobacco cigarette's smoke is generated after the combustion of solid particles, electronic smoke smoke is caused by high temperature atomization mist.

    Electronic cigarette is not smoking cessation products, can only be regarded as smoking cessation aids, just a substitute for smoking. His principle is to use nicotine to solve physical addiction, with simulated smoke and simulated smoke taste to solve the psychological addiction to achieve the effect of smoking.

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  • How To Choose A Mod, 6 Points You Need To Be Careful

    Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about that you are most concerned about the choice of a mod. If have any extra ideas please let us know lol.

    1.Power , in fact, for the "power" the concept of shorts began a trouble, and later into the DNA200 series after the real really aware of the "power" concept.

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  • Do Not Forget The Original Heart Aspire Zelos

    Aspire, I believe that as long as playing electronic cigarette vapers, almost everyone is familiar with it. Do you remember Aspire's ESP kits? Remember Nautilus MINI kit? VAPE in that year is so simple, so passion. Now, the development of electronic cigarette flourishing, but who will remember, our initial.

    First take a look at this "Nautilus 2" atomizer. From the appearance, the nebulizer looks like a little bit "weird", but after couple of mints will be fine , it is very easy to accept. Seemingly do not take the reality of the drip tip with the outside, it make people have a "nipple" feeling, ah, must be so. The atomizer is divided into five parts: drip tip, outer warehouse, glass tube, coil and base.

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