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What is an AIO Kit?

It is good to meet my vaping buddies every week. Since I've offered a guide for new vapers on how to vape properly and I am pretty sure that you guys know how to vape properly, I deem it is time for us to move on and take a gander at some advanced vape kits, for example, the well-known AIO kits. Maybe you have heard its name but have not tried it before. I think, after reading this bold, you will be willing to have your own AIO kit.

What is AIO Kit?

AIO is short for All-In-One, which suggests that a machine or an item is fully functional without additional parts. An AIO Vape Kit is an intact vaping device with a tank built inside. You only need to replace the pod or refill it. Usually, AIO kits are smaller than normal vape mod kits and pod mod kits. They are portable and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go vaping. Moreover, there is no need to replace components such as coils as these parts are integrated into the replaceable pod cartridges. You can replace the pods instead.

Different Types of AIO Kits

There are two types of AIO kits: Vape Pens and Box-shape Kits. Vape Pen Kits are those sleek and stick-like kits that resemble a traditional cigarette. Box-shape kits are like regular pod kits, compact and easy to use. Plain words are not satisfying. Let’s take a look at our best Vape Pen and Box-shape kit.

Joyetech eGo AIO Kit (New Color)

best joyetech ego aio kit (new color)

Joyetech eGo is famous for the AIO (All-In-One) Design and these are the new colors of the original vape pens. eGo AIO Kit is a classic vape pen equipped with a powerful 1500mAh rechargeable battery, airflow adjustment and can hold about 2ml vape juice. It is the perfect alternative for new vapers who quit smoking. The tight draw and cigarette-like look can work as sort of compensation. Joyetech eGo also supports different vaping styles including MTL vaping and DTL vaping. It is the best vape pen I’ve tried too.

Lost Vape Centaurus B80 AIO Kit

lost vape centaurus b80 hot sale

Lost Vape Centaurus B80 is a game-changer among other box-shaped AIO kits. It is literally a steaming monster for a non-stop vaping experience. It is powered by a 18650 battery, which is not included in the package. It means that you can easily find these batteries and you can simply take a backup battery in case instead of finding sockets everywhere. The large capacity of B80 (5ml) is also impressive. Everything you need to enjoy vaping is assembled in a little box which is portable and durable. One more thing, you can change the panel and DIY it as you like.

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO V2

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO V2 hot sale

Pulse AIO V2 is the hottest and the newest AIO kit in the market. It comes with an RBA that can hold 6ml vape juice. This is fabulous as an even bigger kit has no such capacity. Moreover, the circuit board is waterproof and dustproof, making it not as vulnerable as the average kit. All you need is a 18650 battery to unleash this beast.

Benefits of AIO Kits

(1)Easy Operation

AIO Kits are extremely easy to use. Usually, you only need to press one button to activate an AIO kit. Since all the parts have been assembled, you can enjoy vaping at once after filling the pod. Moreover, the structure of AIO kits is simple and clear. You can even repair and replace some parts on your own without over-killing your brain cells.


Vape pens are sleek and the box-shaped kits are easy to hold in hand and fit into your bag perfectly. Different from traditional vape kits, the tank or atomizer is built inside the enclosure. You can change the tanks with ease and there is no trouble you may encounter when you are using a pod mod kit. For example, you need not worry about your tank getting loose and drops. After all, it is inside the enclosure and stable.

Cons of AIO Kits

Every coin has two sides. One’s meat could be another one’s poison. People like me enjoy the fixed settings and easy operation of AIO kits. As to those who enjoy DIY in vaping, opinions may differ. It is usually impossible to change the tank and coil built inside and the output and airflow are limited too. There is no wonder that AIO kits have a nickname: Starter kits.

Recommended E-juice for AIO Kits

Well, e-juice is the soul of all vape kits. You will see the potential of your AIO kit only if you choose the suitable e-juice. You may choose the nicotine strength and flavor according to the output range of your kit. You may use high nicotine levels and strong flavors such as dessert flavor for an AIO kit with high output. And sweet fruit flavors and relatively lower nicotine level is for machines with lower output. Here are some of our recommended e-juice and I hope you will like it.

Pod juice PJ5000 Tripe Berry

best pod juice pj5000 triple berry

Triple Berries E-juice is a brand-new nicotine salt e-juice with high nicotine levels and sweet fruit flavors. The mixed flavor is made up of three different berries, including strawberries, blueberries and blue raspberries. Triple flavors will triple your enjoyment of vaping and high nicotine level delivers stronger hits for heavy vapers.

GostVapor The Pancake House French Vanilla

cheap GostVapor The Pancake House French Vanilla

French Vanilla is an exclusive dessert-flavor e-juice with three nicotine levels (0mg, 3mg and 6mg). People who have made up their minds to quit nicotine may choose the 0mg version. 3mg is for moderate vapers and heavy vapers will enjoy the 6mg nicotine in the e-juice. French Vanilla is sweet and crispy with a little scent of freshly baked bread. Why don’t you entertain yourself with some sweet puffs?


As is known to us all, the AIO kit is easy to use and reliable. If you are looking for a new way of vaping, it might be a good choice to try an AIO kit. Best regards and I hope I will see you next time.


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